News Dan With Batard exploding Trump, says ESPN's policy is...

Dan With Batard exploding Trump, says ESPN's policy is against political talk that 's ugly;


Dan Le Batard did not comply with ESPN with sport on Thursday.

The long columnist and Miami Herald and ESPN
The radio and television host went on rant during Thursday's radio broadcast, and was enthusiastically speaking against President Trump's attacks on four minority colleagues, on chants “sent back” by Trump rally and on a “strong policy”. ”ESPN on political talk.

“The president is encouraging a racist division in this country, and we didn't have the stomach for that fight in ESPN here…” Le Batard said to his listeners. “No-one speaks politics, anything, unless we can use one of these sports figures as a meat shield, in the most intense way possible to discuss these topics. But what happened last night at this rally is very ugly, done by the president of this country. ”

Le Batard, the Cuban exiles of his parents, said: “This is very insulting to me as someone whose parents have made all the sacrifices to go to this country. Send it back? How are you more American than her? You have more privilege? You are a sweater? You are richer? … America has given you every privilege, every privilege for you! And now what do you do with that power do you go after brown people and black and minority people? And around here we won't talk about it? ”

ESPN did not mention comments With Batard.

Le Batard seems to know what he is doing by making those views. He referred to the former “SportsCenter” host, Jemele Hill, who apologized in 2017 for using Twitter to recommend him as a white sulfur and Trócaire. Later that year, Hill was suspended for two weeks after he proposed on Twitter that Dallas Cowboys fans could make a boycott after owner Jerry Jones said “depreciation on the flag"He wouldn't play.

Hill left “SportsCenter” in January 2018 and left ESPN in September. She currently writes for the Atlantic.

ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro told the Times in May 2018: “Of course, our details tell us that fans don't want to cover politics. My job is to provide clarity. I really believe that some of our talent was confused about what was expected of them. If you proceed quickly today, I don't believe they are confused. ”

But Le Batard said Thursday that his political message is not.

“It's not about politics, it's about race – what you see around you is about a race and it's politics. And we only talk about it here when Steve Kerr or (Gregg) Popovich says something, ”said Le Batard, referring to politically profound NBA coaches. “We are only talking about what is happening if some form of sport is weak, a margin that we can run.” T

He said: “It's an antidote to what we should be there, and if there is you do not want it to be terrible, of course dangerous, dangerous reitric, you are comfortable. ”


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