"Cabaret" in the tepee at the Konzleramt: Oh, you love pineapple culture

"Cabaret" in the tepee at the Konzleramt: Oh, you love pineapple culture

Successful productions that become long-term favorites usually start to age at some point. Vincent Paterson's version of the musical "Cabaret" is an exception. The production, which came out in 2004 in the bar of every reason and can be seen every summer since 2010 in the Tipi at the Chancellery, became more and more current over time. Unfortunately, as host Holger Klotzbach emphasizes in the resumption on Friday: Because in the play by John Kander and Fred Ebb is about the strengthening of the National Socialists in the early 30s – before the majority of the population closes their eyes. Because she does not want to admit it.

Klotzbach certainly sees parallels to current developments: "At the premiere fifteen years ago, the right wing was a pitifully ridiculed little bunch", but meanwhile the AfD is determining the social discourse. This is what organizations like Face To Face and The Many want to counter – Bar of Reason and the Tipi are both members.

In the musical as in the tepee, the variety of preferences is celebrated

The 150 employees of the show company come from 20 different nations, continues Klotzbach, and they experience the enrichment that comes with it every day at work. "The Art Remains Free" is written on the T-shirts of the service staff.

Tolerance, a celebration of open society for all imaginable tastes, is what Cabaret is all about. And at the moment when the party mood tilts: Suddenly, the pineapple, which makes the Jewish fruit merchants a love gift to his carpenter, the only welcome exotic.

As Sally Bowles Sophie Berner is currently unsurpassed. The evenings are spent in the hundreds where she plays the role of night club singer. And her professionalism has now reached a level that allows her to take any interpretational freedom to spontaneously shape the figure to her will. The fantastic band led by Damian Omandsen assists them, with a dreamlike sense of style in roaring twenties and a swing that immediately sends the viewer into the toe (Tipi in the Chancellery, until 15 September, Tue-Sa 8 pm, 7 pm).

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