Caballero finished his challenge in 13 hours and with fright

Caballero finished his challenge in 13 hours and with fright


Jaime Caballero after finishing the tour.
Jaime Caballero after finishing the tour.

The swimmer suffered a hypotension on his journey between Cartagena and Águilas on the Murcian coast

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Jaime Caballero This Friday he completed his last challenge in open waters and managed to cover the distance between Cartagena and Águilas (on the Murcia coast) in a time of 13 hours and one minute although the scare he had at the arrival slightly clouded the result. The swimmer he suffered hypotension caused by dehydration due to the high temperature of the water (25 degrees) and the environment, which approached 40 degrees. As Caballero explained from Murcia, the changing currents, which made it difficult for Cabo Cope, and the heat, made a dent in it very soon.

«At the arrival I suffered dizziness but thanks to the immediate medical attention, they put me a few bottles of serum until I recovered my normal blood pressure, I recovered soon. It had never happened to me. If hypoglycemia and other reactions post test, but this was new ». The swimmer recognizes that the error was "not to adapt correctly the hydration and feeding pattern that I usually do" to the conditions of the zone but without a doubt he achieved the objective that always moves him that is not other than give visibility to the ELA and raise funds to help in their struggle.

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