News Brooks Koepka, the caddy Ricky Elliott is present after...

Brooks Koepka, the caddy Ricky Elliott is present after the first round of Open Open Britain


As Brooks, Louis and Shubhankar named golfers, they attended Thursday No. 5 Saturday at the 148th British Open, two boys fans, “Come on, Ricky!”

“Ricky?” The audience were killed from just behind the ropes.

Two seconds last.

“Oh, the caddy is,” said the audience. “I took the second thing with me.”

Royal Portrush has a coming-in-a-ricky week, where Ricky Elliott caddy creates some of the caddy recognition on the main course in the history of the parties. One thing, a more important collaborator is than usual in Brooks Koepka's offer to make a great series of big finishes more than ever. Opening his first Thursday with Kentuckian JB Holmes at 5-under-par 66, followed by Irish Shane Lowry at 4-67 years of age, Koepka, who finished 1-2-1- 2 in the past. , who worked in a handful of 13 under 68 under 13, including Sergio Garcia, Tony Finau and the hip pick, Ireland's Open Winner Jon Rahm.

Koepka did his trademark transparency and is progressing because the witnesses who were stranded from this side of the Atlantic were worried, for example, “He's a player. a lot of everyone is out there and there seems to be a lot of everyone who knows him. That was the case before Elliott approached the past six years about the man who has gone to No. this wonderful poem of course.

Who did Graeme McDowell, a US Open champion in 2010, who grew up here, be regarded as a child? “I was a man who looked at him when I was about 12 or 13 because Ricky Elliott, who focuses on Brooks Koepka, was that I was far away. “And eventually I went to college in America, and that was a big point in my life.” T

“How many shots did Ricky guide you?” Asked Koepka on Thursday.

“Sixty-eight,” said Koepka.

Ricky Week has two weeks. In one, the home is familiar. Of the 18 holes that Koepka and Elliott walked on Thursday, Elliott saw 18 faces familiar, he said. So his father, a long-standing owner of an auto repair garage did so walked the course with them.

“I live here for a lifetime,” said Pat Elliott.

“Everyone got tickets,” said Ricky Elliott after the meeting, “and the Opens were very interested here, and they are all enjoying the experience.” T

“It's an experience,” said Pat Elliott. “There is no doubt. It was nice to have you here, the Open. ”

“Ah, it was okay,” said Ricky Elliott, “there are only a few shower between a little sun, you know. At least it wasn't too long. It was hot enough. ”

The latter quotation, without any of the feelings that may exist in the day, gives an insight into the second prong: Elliott's strange role in Koepka's stunning thriller on the fifth major title. “I don't have to learn much,” said Koepka. “My chaddy knows all. I like not having much knowledge. ”And:“ It's easy when he's just standing on the tee telling you, i You have to hit him in this place, ’and I'm just listening to him. I don't think very much. I don't need to do anything. ”

As Elliott said about Portrush shots, “I'm all visible.”

They went around, together again, if they were more sensible again, and even through the arbitrary digests like the one on thee No. 2, Koepka said, “Man, I felt that the world was ended.” (True to an unused form, the rain prefers;

Koepka, the 2017 and 2018 Student Open winner, won the 2018 and 2019 PGA Champion and runner up in the Masters and Open Open 2019, for his great skills. The short game which he noticed had been upgraded in recent years has eased the hours and the basins: chip on No. 5, chip on No. 10, bruit turning to ignore No. 14.

In addition, there was a museum that was very badly there, it could be qualified for some exhibits.

“He keeps a light on him,” said Koepka in Elliott. “He knows not to talk about golf when we are out there. He knows if I have a little time, maybe upset, angry, no matter what, he can say to my walk. He can tell the body language, and I think that's what makes a perfect cabin. . . . And I would not like anyone else on my bag, I know that. It was amazing. It is part of the reason I had my success. And I love the guy to death. ”

One of the margins between them was at Shinnecock at the 2018 US Open, when Koepka felt lost at 7 after 25 holes, and Elliott reminded him that he had not (lost) him, and Koepka thought what was Elliott said, and Elliott said, “You're not far away,” and Koepka used that drive to go ahead, and won Koepka.

They started in mid-2013 after praise from Claude Harmon, Koepka's swing coach, and a 30-minute phone call containing Gile Elliott. They worked in the 2013 PGA Championship, including on Sunday in the major phairing test with Tiger Woods. “I think the way he went about things was different from any chaddy I had ever,” said Koepka. “There was confidence behind what the club thought might be, the direction of the wind or what was in the yard, definitely dead. He knew only the right things to say, and I think that's what makes a big cabin. . . . And the way it went, I thought it was incredibly significant. And that is the kind when I was with me, ‘All right, this is my man. 'And I hope he won't leave me. But it is not for me to leave for a long time. ”

On the 18th day they arrived on the carriageway and only one person (on No. 17) on the card, was the most important team in the game at present. An audience who seemed to have Elliott flourished, “The night comes early in the morning, Ricky!” Whatever it was, the staff were laughing in the right way. Perhaps his comfort with his mission here would still be this event, and he asked him to remember something that Woods said on Tuesday.

“Tell you a funny story,” said Woods, a sad 78 shot. “I added a text to Brooksie, as Congratulations on another great finish. 'It's just incredible what the last four big championships have done – being so consistent, strong. It was a win-win for all major championships. And I said, ‘Hey, dude, do you remember if I click on a rehearsal round? ''

Woods paused, then stoked laughter when he said, “I haven't heard anything.”

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