Brock Lesnar puts money into SummerSlam

Paul Heyman warned us, but he couldn't even prepare us for what happened.

WWE gave us a suitable moment to close badgers.

Some of the sick fan base of being a Lesnar hero. So, it is understandable why The Beast would fund in its contract Money in the Bank – which Heyman convinced that Seth Rollins would spend the Sunday night at the Extreme Rules. I love it or hate it, what it did at the moment: it was a very important thing: it gave us the story of SummerSlam behind it.

It is likely that Rollins next month will be chasing Lesnar and the championship he lost all the way to Toronto. Whether he meets it or down the road, Rollins is going back or maybe Braun Strowman gets the chance to end Lesnar something that fans could invest emotionally.

His mixed tag match with winner Becky Lynch against the Corbin Baron and Lacey Evans went better than expected, due to an entertaining five-minute final. They used the big rules, using tables, chairs and kendo sticks. The two pairs also had strong team movements, including Rollins and Lynch jumping right in a row on their opponents, laying on tables outside the ring.

Rollins were left behind behind Lynch. He is more than “Man of Man.”

Corbin Lynch met with the End of Days, applying for Rollins. He replied by making a sharp attack on Chorbin and using Stomps to get the pin. Although Rollins did not leave the zone, he defended Lynch's honor and found a hot SummerSlam campaign.

Kofi Kingston, who follows WWE is making a strong appearance, is heading towards the summer in another condition. He has a championship, but left his debt to Samoa Joe cold Philly ice. Joe was in charge of Kingston for much of his WWE championship game, but he never put him in danger.

Kingston Trouble in completion of Paradise is becoming like RKO: It doesn't come anywhere and is effective on the first attempt. Kingston used it again to gain victory. Joe's other Samoa is not attacking, no matter how vicious, he seems not enough to revive this campaign.

It is now led by Kingston's New Day partners. Xavier Woods and Big E won the trouble-threatening game for SmackDown titles to become six-time tag team champions and received a large crowd from the crowd.

These teams were given time, and there was a frenetic end. Daniel Bryan and Rowan were runners-up, but Bryan may have to return Bryan as a single wrestler. Heavy Machinery came together as he was a winner and Otis and Tucker continued to prove they belong to the top of the section.

Bayley is still at its peak. It's a difficult 2-on-1 game to do well, and Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross did a strong job with it. Cross and Bliss used teamwork that made sense, and as Bayley did aggressive religion. The knees of Twisted Bliss opened the door to Bayley to hit the diving angle from the top rope at the Cross to win the game and look good at doing that.

There is plenty of storytelling open here. Bliss and Cross looked very much at a team and could be used in a tagged section of women. It is certain that a cross opens and Bliss does not open her door to turn her “friend” on her. Bayley must move on to bigger and better things.

Speaking better, we have the Referee. He and Romans succeeded with the Roman Secrets Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre (and Elias, as it happened) put an excellent tone on the main open card. The player looked that he was so good. It was a great boost after Goldberg's collapse at Super ShowDown.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor give a direct opposite to the kickoff show. This one would like to be good with the card. There was a great drama and speed at the strong style type, finishing with Nakamura who won their first Interdepartmental championship. We hope that the zone can become more prominent again.

Other matches

AJ Styles over Ricochet to win the US championship

WWE is on the Club. Styles and Ricochet put on a fun game with plenty of mano-a-mano content and some aerial excellence. However, he feels there are other appliances at both ends. Finally, Styles got the upper arm due to interference from Luke Gallows and they hit Ricochet with Styles Clash from the top rope. It is quite clear how dangerous the Club is.

Braun Strowman over Bobby Lashley in Last Last Man Match

Now this is how two men play a game. Although he felt it was too long for a game with small gates, Lashley and Strowman gave a full and filled ride. There were broken barriers, tables, T-shirt stands and Stashman powerslamming Lashley from the bleachers. This could be the beginning of Strowman to push back up the card now that Lesnar is a Universal champion.

The Revival over The Usos to keep the Raw tag team championship

The game was good for the thing and the most important thing was The Revival. When they meet, WWE has to take time to build something more.

Aleister Black over Cesaro

Black, who won through the Black Mass, was looking for a fight and found a person from Cesaro. They had a hard technical technical strike and only the right amount of aerial spots. The scene was to take Cesaro aside from the top of his shoulders to the top of Europe. The whole game felt like a style we don't see much of in WWE.

Kevin Owens over Dolph Ziggler

This is your time match. Owens meets Stunner, who meets the 20-second victory and cuts off another promo from Shane McMahon. More of this KO, please.

Drew Gulak over Tony Nese to keep the Cruiserweight championship

The Gulak hometown boy goes over as the cruiserweights continue to provide high quality games. There was an counter-account sequence in this one that will highlight plenty of reels.

The main winner: The New Day

Most losers: Samoa Joe, Dolph Zigger

The best game: SmackDown tag team championship

Grade: A-

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