News Brazil referee Fernanda Colombo receives "immoral sex offer"

Brazil referee Fernanda Colombo receives "immoral sex offer"


Fernanda Colombo is resisting an immoral offer.

The referee sent an email to Instagram.

In it, the Brazilian is proposed to meet for $ 7,000 with men.

The content of the email shocked Colombo: "I received this email today that makes me feel like rubbish because it contains an immoral sex offer."

The 30-year-old commented unequivocally on the mail: "I want to tell the world that I only want to do what I love, that means working in football and journalism, please respect that."

The current journalist was the official referee until 2018.

Colombo's card joke at a charity game went viral on the net.

In early July, the Brazilian kidded a player.

Instead of drawing a red card, Colombo pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


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