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The richness of Castilian allows the word commitment travel in its different meanings from the "obligation, duty, responsibility or promise of marriage" to concepts such as "difficulty, risk or embarrassment". On the commitment and his circumstances was the appearance of Sergio Scariolo in which he offered the list of 16 players for the World Cup in China, which will be played between August 31 and September 15. The absence of Pau Gasol due to injury – for the first time since 2013 – made the presence of Serge Ibaka or Nikola Mirotic more necessary than ever, by virtue of their position and position, but neither of them confirmed their "theoretical enthusiasm" with a "definitive disposition". ", In the words of the coach.

The lack of commitment of both has placed Spain in a World Cup. "We will have to look for other ways to compete. That is the challenge. We have less experience and talent, but much more hunger and imagination, "said Scariolo after setting up a call" adapted to the resignations. " Neither will the European champion Sergio Rodríguez – disengaged from yesterday CSKA to become free agent in search of equipment-, which informed the Federation of its "need to stop".

As a result, a heterogeneous list of 16, from which will be the final 12, with only four players nba (Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio and the Hernangómez brothers), the lowest figure since 2011, seven from Euroleague (Rudy Fernández, Sergio Llull, Víctor Claver, Pau Ribas, Pierre Oriola, Ilimane Diop and Xavi Rabaseda) and five of the heroes of the Windows, captained by Quino Colom with Jaime Fernández, Javier Beirán, Joan Sastre and Pablo Aguilar, the great beneficiary of the inner hole. A group with more than 30 years on average, without juniors gold for the first time since 1999 and with Rudy as captain (211 international).

The 16 summoned


Ricky Rubio (Phoenix)
Sergio Llull (Real Madrid)
Quino Colom (Bahçesehir)

Escorts / Eaves

Rudy Fernández (Real Madrid)
Pau Ribas (Barcelona)
Joan Sastre (Valencia)
Xavi Rabaseda (Gran Canaria)
Jaime Fernández (Unicaja)
Javier Beirán (Gran Canaria)

Ala-pívots / Pívots:

Víctor Claver (Barcelona)
J. Hernangómez (Nuggets)
Willy Hernangómez (Hornets)
Marc Gasol (Toronto Raptors)
Pablo Aguilar (Reggiana)
Pierre Oriola (Barcelona)
Ilimane Diop (Baskonia)

Spain is concentrated on Wednesday, July 24.
On August 2 he plays in Pamplona against Lithuania.
The 9-10 will play a home run in Malaga against Ivory Coast, Rep. Congo and the Philippines.
The 16 will be measured in the US in Anaheim
The 22, in Madrid, will play before the Dominican Republic before leaving for China.

"The most correct thing is to ask them," said Scariolo when asked about the reasons for the absences of Ibaka and Mirotic. "They have given physical, personal reasons, techniques regarding their clubs … there is everything. The two at the same time can not be, but one of the two would have entered safely on the list. The only time I could choose with full availability of both was in 2011. Then there have always been problems of all kinds. It is pointless to be surprised and also it has been to advance tactical approaches with one or the other, "the coach enumerated with frustration before censoring the absentees by way of praise to the compromised. "Pau (Gasol) would have killed for being and could not because of his injury. These special commitments should be highlighted positively. A 39-year-old player, who is in the final stretch of his career, who has won everything that can be won in the world of basketball and is still excited to be and always shows his interest in the national team, "Scariolo explained. He also thanked "the class and the sense of belonging" of others like Fran Vázquez or Fernando San Emeterio.

With this configuration of the call and by his condition of champion of the NBA, Marc Gasol becomes the central axis of the team and his role dedicated Scariolo an important part of his exhibition. "Your leadership will not go through absorbing all the leading role and responsibility. We have other expert and quality players (LLULL). Marc will be an offensive and defensive reference, but I expect a lot from others. The emptiness of the historical referents, who were our lifesaver many times, does not have to be filled by Marc alone. His great talent, perhaps unique in the world, is to generate games for the rest of the team. It is not a question of which goal 20 points in all the parties. What he accomplishes is that the team will always score 80 or 90 points, "the coach closed.

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