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Bale, the toxic player | Football


Bale, during the preseason of Madrid.
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The GentileZidaneHe says it all with a smile, but behind the mask of benefactor lives a type of those who do not forget: an eye for an eye. Back to the bench of Madrid, he did with outstanding accounts, the clearest:Bale. Despite recognizing its quality,the francs and his 'staff' ended up disappointed with the gals for their lack of commitment and commitment, and something similar happened in the locker room, where he was known by the nickname of the 'golfer'. Everyone knew that football was not the first thing in his life, used to kick balls, even in the rooms of his mansion on the farm, at the expense of more than one window. Be for money. The attempts ofModric, with which I coincided in the Tottenham, to be integrated were in vain.

The definitive cross was put Zidane in the classic Bernabu, in the 2016/17 season. Bale insisted to the technician that he was to play, despite his physical problems. However, before the break, he had to leave the field, injured, which conditioned the team. Zidane felt cheated.Messidecided the victory in white territory, although Madrid won the title and sum the Champions in the city of Bale but without Bale. The most visible gals in Cardiff was on the facade of one of the downtown buildings. The following season developed with the same irregularity, but at least the footballer could claim his minutes and his 'chilena' in Kiev. Nothing changed, however, in the Frenchman's mind, neither when he left nor when he returned.

Knowing what would have happened to Bale if Cristiano had continued in Madrid is an exercise in futile prediction. The truth is that the march of the Portuguese allowed the gals to get a second chance, supported by the faith ofFlorentino Prez, determined to turn Bale into what he is not, into a strategic soccer player on which to make a project gravitate, because he is neither regular, nor is he supportive, nor is he a leader.

The decomposition that followed Kiev, with a Bale unable to raise the flag, nor beat adversity, weakened the support of the president, although those who rule in this way, never make mistakes. We are not, then, before a pulse between Florentino and Zidane for the departure of Bale, but before the difficulties to find an exit fora footballer expensive for his salary, the largest of the staff before the arrival of Hazard, devalued by its irregularity and, at least in Madrid, toxic for his cohabitation.They are desperately searching for a solution, even in the 'conchinchina'. Wherever it is, let them know about golf.

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