Aulas reframes Deacon: "I did not like what I read"

Aulas reframes Deacon: "I did not like what I read"

The remarks of Corinne Deacon, the coach of the Blue, quarter finalists of the World Cup, in our columns and in "Telefoot" Sunday, stung Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Olympique Lyonnais. In an interview with L'Equipe, Aulas defended her players, notably Eugénie Le Sommer, and went after the coach.

"I think Corinne Deacon has left the institutional and professional framework," he said. Do you realize if people from the OL had publicly said what they know about what happened during this team preparation in France? It's inconceivable, and we'll be careful not to do it. The Lyon president has notably defended his players Le Sommer and Renard: "If they were not at their best during this World Cup, I am very disappointed … A few days before, they managed a match extraordinary against Barça in the final of the Champions League (4-1). So no, I did not like what I read. "

Corinne Deacon had not hesitated to point Le Sommer: "Even me, I told him: why do you stay left? The idea was not that. Our game project was not that. The coach had also questioned the physical form of the Lyonnaises. "The Lyon season was very long," she said. We had to manage the organisms. Some of them even got injured during the preparation. Have all these players done their best to optimize recovery times? Everyone needs to ask the right questions. "

Aulas concludes, for his part, hoping "for France that we will continue to select the best and the best are in Lyon" …

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