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Until the Universiade in Naples, Christina Hering from Munich did not go as planned this year. There then all the more: over 800 meters, she gets silver on Wednesday.

By Andreas Liebmann, Naples / Munich

Something was wrong with this picture. The LG Stadtwerke München had not sent it for the first time before the Universiade in Naples, and they looked nice, no question: Christina Hering and Katharina Trost, the two 800-meter runners, smiled together into the camera. They stood back to back. Shoulder to shoulder. And that's exactly what it was: Hering, the couple of months older, is actually 20 centimeters larger than consolation.

Sporty are the two 24-year-olds now at eye level, so the picture fit perfectly. Trost has improved a lot in the past few months, ran the slightly faster second, also won the direct duel at the German indoor Championships in Leipzig in an incredibly tight photo finish. But when the girlfriends then hand in hand turned their lap of honor, but you could see clearly that at eye level one was the breastbone of the other. For the joint advertising photo, they had therefore put comfort on a water tank.

It would not have been surprising if Hering and consolation had once again gone hand in hand over the track after the final in Naples on Wednesday evening, perhaps with two medals; perhaps in a common run, they would have tactically concocted something that would have brought one of them victory. But only one made its rounds in the evening in front of the photographer. Trost, who unlike Hering had previously met the required standard, was eliminated on Tuesday in the semifinals in fifth place. Hering now beamed and wrapped himself in a Germany flag. She had become second. "She was very happy": "When the flags were raised at the award ceremony, that was very emotional."

The finalists had to complete three races three days in a row, which they also felt, Hering admits – especially since it had a good 30 degrees in the days of Naples. The semi-finals on Tuesday began unfortunate, their bus had moved on the way to the stadium and was controlled in a traffic jam. The approach was always a problem and expression of a certain organizational chaos, in this case, consolation and herring came just on time for warming up. "But sitting on the bus for an hour and a half and being afraid of getting it in time is not exactly an ideal race preparation," said Hering. Maybe that was their small advantage this time, that they could easily hide such adversity thanks to their greater international experience. At least comfort did not seem as light-footed as usual. She had felt great while warming up, she told later, but noticed in the race that she was not fully there. She looked tense as the eventual winner Docus Ajok (Uganda) passed by. After 500 meters, they had only the goal of getting ahead as a third on a good time, but that failed. "That was only upside down," says Hering.

She herself won her semifinals. Lucky that in the last corner on the inside lane opened a gap through which she slipped through. Then, in a typical, long-legged, strong-willed final spurt, as he used to see him, overtook the three rivals in front of her. And was happy. An international semi-final she had never won, and then she was indeed arrived with all sorts of suboptimal conditions. A ligament rupture had disturbed their preparation, in mid-June came a gastrointestinal infection, and the high-profile meeting in Tübingen, which was a good two weeks ago as form test, had failed due to a storm: "This year has not gone so much to plan So I am all the more pleased that I was in top form here. "

The offensive tactics for the final, which she had announced, was then initially unrecognizable. When the field came together, Hering scored the penultimate. The aspired Lauerplatz in midfield she had to fight hard on the first home stretch. After 600 meters, she wanted to know but then, took the lead. The big favorite Catriona Bisset from Australia was able to counter, winning in 2: 01.20 minutes, with a two-step lead. The strong Ajok from Uganda, however, could not reach herring anymore. "I am glad that I have tied to the Australian," said Hering. She had been in outstanding form at her first international race. It was right not to rely on the home straight but to attack first.

Hering did better this time than two years ago at the Universiade in Taipei. At that point, at the end of a long season, she ran out of power, finishing last. And comfort? "It was a shame for her, she became so fast that in the semifinals she was already hunted rather than a hunter, which of course puts pressure on her," said Hering – and praised: "Kathi was already warming up on Wednesday and has the whole It has not been easy for them to watch this finale for the day. "

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