American football shows Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe Pronk with incredible figures such as illustrated sports the world cup wins

American football shows Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe Pronk with incredible figures such as illustrated sports the world cup wins

Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe have carved striking figures while posing Sports Illustrated in bikinis & # 39; s, after their victory in the World Cup. Morgan and Rapinoe scored the two goals that the US national women's team won the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2019. As fans have seen in the photos, they have the abs to prove it.

Morgan and Rapinoe appeared in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, together with teammates Crystal Dunn, Abby Dahlkemper and some others. Their photos were released online Tuesday by editor M.J. Day.

The football stars posed for the magazine in the Caribbean island state of St. Lucia. As Day explained in her caption, she did not place the photos for the World Cup final, fearing she would disguise the astonishing success of the team. Once they had claimed the title, she felt safe to post on Instagram.

"I couldn't get myself to post anything before the game, because as crazy as it sounds, I didn't want to hide it. Alex, We've been friends for years, and Megan, Crystal and Abby. I fell in love with you guys on our shoot, "Day wrote. "I feel so connected with all of you as people, as a woman and as a FAN. Like so many people, I wanted this so much for all of you, for your team and for the world to see what 22 women can do. Yes but use your power for good in a way that will affect us all. & # 39;

The Sports Illustrated The story focuses in particular on the struggle of the American national team for gender equality in the sports world, in particular for equal pay for men in the same competition. Rapinoe in particular was frank in this fight, as well as her support for LGBTQ issues and her condemnation of the Trump government.

Rapinoe and Morgan are co-subtitles of the team and so far they have shown solidarity in the matter of a proposed visit to the White House. Rapinoe, however, told it Sports Illustrated that she does not enjoy her protests and media hand communities, and that she would rather not fight them.

"It's clear that we like not being in this fight," she said. "We would love not to start this lawsuit and not to deal with it, but that's just not what happens."

The president has invited the entire American national women's team to the White House, but after Sunday's victory, he seemed to fall back on the idea, according to The Washington Post. Rapinoe told reporters in France that she doubted whether one of her teammates would accept such an invitation.

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