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Amanda Nunes deserves more than just for the leadership of athletics


Amanda Nunes celebrates her victory over Holly Holm at UFC 239. (Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images)

The women's national soccer team praised the way to win the World Cup, while Amanda Nunes was recommending him all the way. Although Megan Rapinoe and Co.. finishing their finals during the weekend, the UFC champion showed that she gets her eighth position for athletic leadership.

At UFC event 239 on Saturday, Nunes (18-4, 13 KO) Holly Holm (12-5, 8 KO) set in the first round to hold their weight-bearing crown. Nunes got the final sequence going in a way that would understand the USWNT, using a powerful kick to send Holm to the canvas before the referee was jumping to stop the fight.

If Holm was very familiar with the kick, it is because she used the same thing to jeopardize the Ronda Rousey in a great turmoil in 2015. The loss from that second round focused on the cover of the Rousey. his lesser career in martial arts in the next fight, when Nunes did not go with her in 48 seconds, became less stressful.

Nunes has now met with the three women who held the title of UFC women's pantomime before it, including Miesha Tate. Following the rapid removal of Holm as a winner in 2016, Tate did not succeed in making a match later that year with Nunes, who won the first round after landing on early shots.

In December, Nunes earned her greatest win when she needed only 51 seconds to reach the star Justino Cris “Cyborg” for over 13 years. Nunes moved into divisions for the fight and canceled Cyborg's featherweight title, and it was the first woman to hold two UFC zones at the same time.

You go in two talents for the future weight champion Valentina Shevchenko, and the Nunes strip with nine women's MMA winners, and most of them were launched quickly. It is a little surprising, so, that some people as the female MMA fighter most say that the 31-year-old person is one of the best fighters to put a leg in the Octagon.

Nunes should be part of the UFC's biggest stars, and while it is, it is further away from domestic status than its achievements would indicate.

Part of this is the fault of the UFC, who could be said to have failed to openly promote the first gay champion openly, particularly during the time before Rousey which was far greater than ever. As if he had self-mishandled Nunes, UFC president Dana White went on to prosecute after UFC 239, stating that Darren Rovell of the Gaelic Athletic was seeking views from her. the sports business journalist in December.

“Between Rousey and Cyborg, Amanda Nunes has killed the most precious women in sport,” said Rovell i. tweet at the time. “Harmful to UFC. The Nunes is not in the same marketing as either. ”

“This is the stupid (expedive) type we hear,” White said at a post-fighting news conference on Saturday. “… The numbers were tonight from the charts and it was part of that.” T

“It was a great card and a card that was very popular with people. She is the main event, ”said White from Nunes. “I tell you this guys always. I can't hear this awakening about anyone who says she's not a star. ”

Bringing us back to the USWNT, which has made international pioneers made by their players for their victory, their celebrations and disputes with replica President Trump and power brokers within their own sport.

14.3 million viewers won for Fox Sports on Sunday's World win over the Netherlands, although 11 times were starting, and U players have settled for a ticket tape parade in New York and potential visits to both Congress Houses. .

With judgment from social media posts, Nunes is so impressed with anyone from USWNT success. In the days before UFC 239, she was enthusiastic told reporters"They love each other very much, and they give me, for example, good vibes to watch at all times, and they play so well – honestly, those girls are the best."

Nunes noted that her youth in Brazil gave soccer goodbye to the sport and, after relocating to the United States over a decade ago, she felt very natural for the national team. country which she had accepted.

Nunes asked last week what message she would have for the USWNT as she was willing to accept it in the Netherlands, “Good luck to you. I know they are waiting for this moment of life, and it is extremely great. I'm going to be praising them, certainly.

"I have my jumper ready," she continued with a smile, "everything is ready to be happy, and they will definitely get that trophy."

The USWNT received the well-deserved trophy, an hour after one of the team's fans got a grip on one of their title belts and another victory was constantly punishing him over a big-name opponent.

It does not need a tape parade, but Nunes has done more than enough to earn more recognition as at least one of the worst women in the world.

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