AJ A. Quiet. Pollock is expecting a strong second half with the Dodgers

In the west, A.J. Pollock, maybe he was pushing. A new team might have come to a new team and they have seen a lot of new faces and learned new commuting and a new city and a new routine. Maybe that elbow infection is that He set it out for more than 10 weeks it was not all terrible.

“Being able to take a step back from everything, maybe this is a blessing I got step back and relax, calm, and just returned to it,” Pollock said.

Pollock 0 went for 3 to score a race, a striking field, and a sacrifice flight on Wednesday Thursday-Thursday 7-2 victory over the Phillies and he was hitting one Thursday only. But he had lived in the three games before, and he marked the first time in his occupation that he lived in three consecutive seats.
games. In the first four games he had since he came from the injured list on Friday, eight went
for 18.

An initial priority at the 31-year-old field field also started
the season before went to produce sideways. It was batting .223 with a .617 percentage on the base-slugging when it was on the injured list 30 April the most recent injury in a profession that is saturated with flu injuries. But the numbers did not stop him. He verified that it was in advance
he would turn around. But his defense did bite him when he looked back.

“I don't know what it was,” said Pollock. “Sometimes you get your jumping, your jumping is good. There are many things that take it into account. Explosive but loose. I might
it was a little tight. I do not know exactly what was there, but did not like it. I feel that I am
present very good now. ”

Pollock felt that the Dodgers had a better cost in the ninth year since even two balls could not be said. He shrug them. Flight ball was the first to shallow center
an area that came between it and the second base
Max Muncy. Pollock called Muncy, wrongly estimating how long he had to go to the ball. The next hitter broke, Bryce Harper, a line drive to the middle center caught by Pollock hops.
. The ball bounced from him and the wall as two races scored to win Phillies.

“Honestly, there were two types of crazy plays, but I like being out there,” said Pollock. “I feel my jumping is good.”

Despite those early endeavors, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts argued that Pollock would now return to the normal venue executive even though Alex Verdugo was absent.

“I want A.J. said that opportunity to draw, ”said Roberts.

Privately, Roberts was always in contact with him. Pollock remembered Roberts sending “exciting” text messages when he went to the hospital for his infection angle. He said that they meant that many of them were because he looked at the club and added to the best record in a top ball without it.

Two and a half months later, Pollock
back in the center park, more comfortable with its surroundings.

“I certainly don't like it,
but i am
still doing exactly what I want to do, come back to the second half of the year with the team and do the playoffs and watch to help this World League team win, ”Pollock said . “So nothing really went with me just a few months. It's tough, but you move forward. ”

Short Hops

The Dodgers remembered Caleb Ferguson from Oklahoma City three times, and they chose Casey Sadler right before Thursday's match. Ferguson opened 6 1/3 incorporated without scoring in five appearances for Oklahoma City since the last time he was with Los Angeles but he met and walked the two Phillies swap that were before Thursday. . . . Rich Hill was accompanied for the first time since he went on the injured list with flexor tendon stress last month. He made 25 beats from 45 feet and will continue to carry the length for two weeks. . . . Roberts said that Kenta Maeda could bounce from the draw on Friday or Saturday after rain started to cut until two appearances on Wednesday. . . . Catcher Will Smith, one of the best prospects of his Dodgers, departed from Oklahoma City's game match with a palm injury. Roberts said his event was “precautionary.” Smith is batting .275 with 18 home races and .987 OPS for Oklahoma City this season. He met .269 with OPS .999 and runs through a town in nine games in his first two stitches with the Dodgers this season.

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