After his statements on the remontada, Neymar fights PSG fans

After his statements on the remontada, Neymar fights PSG fans

Has Neymar gone too far? The question divides PSG supporters, interviewed by Le Parisien – Today in France this Sunday. Because the future of the Brazilian star worries as much on one side as it is desired by the other. But the number 10 seems to have reached a milestone last night, stating loud and clear that the "remontada", this incredible feat of Barça against PSG (6-1) in March 2017, was one of his two best memories in career.

A crime of lèse-majesté for many fans, who, on the contrary, describe this meeting of the worst humiliation of the history of the Parisian club.

"Does Neymar need to say that? "

"Neymar is just sincere when he talks about this memory," says Jeremy, in his thirties, a regular follower of PSG. Even if it hurts us, I was at Camp Nou that night and I understand that for all Barcelonans it is the best match possible. Now, does Neymar need to say that while he's still under contract with us? I do not believe but it is not a state affair. If he stays and he scores in the Champions League semi-finals, everyone will have forgotten that. "

"What is Neymar doing? "

A sharp opinion, opposite to that of Julie, a fan of the club active on social networks: "I do not know what Neymar is playing but if he wanted to be hated, he would not have been better. It's amazing to talk about it two days before his resumption of training (Note: it is expected Monday in Paris)if he gets home really … He is in love with Barcelona, ​​very good. Sell ​​it and thank you.

This statement of Neymar is taken as an act of "betrayal" by some, who wish to remind the attacker that the Parc des Princes has always adored and supported, despite his disagreements with Edinson Cavani, for example. "Frankly, he thinks we're …," Jonathan says. Almost every game, we sing his name, we repeat to everyone that this is our best player, it is more essential than Mbappé. But he takes us on a boat. He does not care about PSG, his supporters. He is unhappy at 30 million euros a year in the most beautiful city in the world? There is nothing to do, let it go and build with the players who really want to stay. "

The clear message of Leonardo

Remarks similar to those held by Leonardo, new sports director, in our columns: "The PSG wants to rely on players who want to stay and build something big. We do not need players who would do a favor at the club by staying here. " The message is clear. Asked about our twitter account, nearly 90% of PSG fans believe that Neymar has "disrespected" the club with his statements. And 80% feel that it no longer has a place in the capital.

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