Football A women's football team in September 2019 in Ceton

A women's football team in September 2019 in Ceton


In Ceton (Orne), Laurie Cuper decided to set up a women's football team at the Espoir sportif cetonnais. Registrations open from September 2019.

Laurie Cuper, 26, wants to create a women's football section in Ceton.
Laurie Cuper, 26, wants to create a women's football section in Ceton. (© Le Perche)

The round ball, Laurie Cuper teases since small. The young woman who lives in Bretoncelles (Orne), works in Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loir) and played so far in Berd'huis, decided to embark on the creation of a women's team in Ceton.

"This idea had been in my head for a long time. We did not have many requests so far but with the women's world cup, I was more and more solicited by girls who wanted to play football. We thought with friends that it was time to create a football team and the club Ceton followed us so that this project can see the day in September, "says Laurie, a soldier in the Security Nogent-le Rotrou and who was leaving for a mission forest fires in Corsica for the summer.

Lack of clubs

A legitimate demand because clubs with a women's section are not many to offer the opportunity to young women to play football. An observation that Laurie made during these long years of football practice.

"In the southern part of the Orne, there is Berd'huis and Mortagne-au-Perche," says Laurie. "La Ferte-Bernard had one, but it closed! "

The distance and the lack of players make some enthusiasts abandon the practice of football. Not Laurie.

"It would be a plus to have a girls team and more for the championship. It is also an opportunity to offer an additional choice for those who want to play in a club. I did not have the choice to play Berd'huis because it was the only team close to my place of work and my place of life. The other women's teams were more than an hour away. It's a lot to do a workout! "

A beautiful opening

And the young soldier, originally from Lorraine, knows what she's talking about. "I've been playing since I was 10 years old. There too, there were not too many clubs for girls. So I played a lot with boys. Even today, because of my job, I continue to play football with my colleagues. "

But what you need to know is that from age 16, girls can join a senior girls team. They can no longer play in mixed with boys. For girls of this age and their parents, it is difficult to find a club and especially to make hours of driving for simple training.

Fortunately, the club Hope Athletic Cetonnais wanted to set up a "real" women's section and develop women's football. A beautiful opening that the young football fan did not want to miss a good self respect.

Opening in September 2019.
Opening in September 2019. (© DR)

Registration in the autumn

"The French Football Federation is quite open and wants to develop women's football. I know Laurent Dathy, the club's president and the boys' coach. I submitted the idea to them and they told me recently that he wanted to get involved in the project. It is always a difficulty to start a women's team of nothing but we start to be a dozen women to embark on this sporting adventure, "says the young woman.

"What also convinced me was that the president and the club of Ceton really wanted to set up a women's team with a jersey game of their own and not jerseys to retrieve men's teams from previous years. We can do great things and get high in the French league. But for all this it takes a workforce and level. "

So at the beginning of the school year, ladies, if you want to put on crampons, do not hesitate to contact the Espoir sportif cetonnais. Laurie will be waiting for you!

The Hope sportif cetonnais organizes an open day for girls from the age of 16 on September 14 from 2 pm to 5 pm.


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