A union of NFL players rejects the latest praise for 18 game season

A union of NFL players rejects the latest praise for 18 game season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and franchise owners plan to extend the regular season to 18 games. (LM Otero, File)

The NFL Players Association leader put down a recommendation from the league owners this week to extend the regular season to 18 games, a sign that the two sides oppose each other directly compared to one of the initial issues in the next deal of the series.

DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA executive director, told ESPN Friday, “I don't see schedule 18 game – under any circumstances – to be of interest to our players.”

Owners recommended two seasons of the season to be extended, but without the participation of players capping only 16 of them to adhere to players-safety concerns of the season under a longer season and pay wage concerns to owners for two additional checks.

The Wall Street Journal Smith first reported, and Smith later confirmed the proposal, which brought the series together during the negotiations for the next collective bargaining agreement. The current CBA will expire before the 2021 season.

Smith, however, spent the idea of ​​his job.

“If anyone wants to do an 18-game project, we'll look at it,” he said. “I haven't seen anything that makes me feel good for the players.”

The players 'union estimates that new money for the longer season series – up to $ 2.5 billion per year, would come to an end, according to the Journal, of which half of the players – but who would hurt players' longevity – would end up. This is critical, according to the NFLPA estimates, as the average NFLPA occupation is 3.4 years but it would fall to 2.8 years with two other games each season. The minimum service time required is to get pension players and long-term health benefits than three years.

“Fans and media discuss what would happen to ratings and income or the good idea or bad idea (18 games). For us, the men are the players, and is it good for us, ”said Smith. “If a coal miner is willing to spend more time in the hole, is there likely to be more money? Yes. Is that good for him as a person? Probably not. That is the question that no one is facing. It is easy to say that there is more money. But is it good for us? The answer is not. ”

The package chief executive, Mark Murphy, succeeded in reconciling Friday, proposing that the season be extended one week and that he would use the additional game for international or neutral sites.

“What we know is that our current measurement is not a good product,” said Murphy (via Network Action). “Our players don't have to have four games and they seem to have fewer beginners. This could be another way of adding a single neutral game and one international to each team, so that we can use this to grow the game. ”

Smith did not discuss his suggestion with ESPN, but the union's continued resistance to a longer season could bring significant leverage to players, particularly as owners spoke openly for years of prolongation. the season through two pre-season games to regularly turn competitions.

Smith stated that other priorities for the new CBA would include improved player benefits, adjusted minimum wage limits and defenses for players speaking about social justice issues. He said it was up to officials of the league to decide how a 18 game proposal schedule would present and that it would make it enjoyable for the interests of players.

“Why do we have to find out how to make 18 games as players? You tell someone that you will work longer, and you understand how to do it work? That doesn't work, ”Smith said. “Our job is not to put that square piece in the round hole.”

Salary issues have recently had a new impact on salary players during the seasons, leaving franchises with few alternatives to opening their pocket books. Running west LeVeon Bell he sat out full season 2018 due to a contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he signed four years, $ 52.5 million, with a $ 27 million guarantee, in the season with the New York Jets.

Los Angeles Chargers go back Melvin Gordon is in danger of doing the same thing, telling the team this week that he wanted a long-term contract with guaranteed money or he would sit out the final year of his rookie contract, in which he is in involve $ 5.6 million. If the team did not honor his request, he said he wanted to trade.

“Use (Bell) his power to dictate his own fate. You think you agree with it. It is a fact that he chose to make a decision as an adult man, ”Smith said. “I was disappointed that people looked at him as a negative way because he made the decision behind his work.”

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