three questions to Michel Dussuyer, coach of Benin

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On the eve of its quarterfinal of CAN-2019 against the all-powerful Senegal, Benin dreams of creating once again the surprise. A goal achievable if the group remains committed to its values, assured France 24 his coach Michel Dussuyer.

Former coach of Guinea and Ivory Coast, Michel Dussuyer performs his second term as a technician in Benin, having taken the head of the team ten years ago, between 2008 and 2010. "Comeback" winner, since the French led his group to the quarter-finals of CAN-2019, a stadium of the competition he had never reached before. At 24 hours of the most important match in the history of Benin in the African Cup, he answered questions from France 24.

la France 24: You are a few hours away from the first quarter-final in Benin history, against Senegal, who is presented as one of the favorites of this African Cup. What did you tell your players before this meeting?

Michel Dussuyer : I talked about moral virtues, mental strength, discipline in the game organization. I think these are ingredients that are essential for us to raise our level and compete with the big teams. But I have a wonderful group that listens and works. It will again put these qualities there in the service of the team for tomorrow's match (today, Wednesday, July 10, Ed), because we know that in terms of potential, Senegal is superior to us.

Reaching the quarter-finals is already a historic achievement for Benin. Having written one of the most beautiful pages in history, this is surely not trivial for you …

For me as for all the players and all the technical staff, it is necessarily a pride. When we manage to unleash a movement like this one, with the whole Beninese population, to bring pride and joy to people, it is something inestimable. We are obviously very happy with that.

Play a round of 16 and then play a quarterfinal, these are necessarily new situations for your players. How do we prepare these chop dates?

These are knockout matches so there is no need to calculate. After, it's a challenge for us, because in front, it's one of the great African football, a title contender. It's up to us to preserve our virtues. We had a good time to tackle this game. We know that now, the surprise effect counts a little less. What is certain however is that we expect no matter what happens to a big game.

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Rugby Club presents its new face

A qualified workforce that should bring it to the top of the Fed 3 position.

With some adjustments, President Sanciaume of RCAGR (Rugby Club Les Angles Gard Rhône) presented the new face of the club for the upcoming season in federal 3. The experience of a year in federal 2 despite a deficient ranking has been rich in experiences and discoveries.

At the end of June, it was time to discover new players, coaches and coaching in the club tradition with some information on the upcoming championship.

At this gathering in Pujaut he was also revealed the pool's composition 6, where many derbies are scheduled for RCAGR: Cavaillon, Isle-sur-la-Sorgues, USAP 84, Monteux, Valréas, Monaco, Six-Fours, Draguignan, Aix UC, Aubagne , Mourillon and RCAGR. Before the start of the season, which starts on September 15, there will be friendly preparatory battles against the hope of Nimes, Provence Rugby, Eyragues Noves and an early season camp.


Olivier Tudela, sports manager in charge of rugby competition; Gérald Boileau, senior sports manager; Christian Sanciaume and Christophe Astay, Team 1 coaches; Nicolas Hery and Jean-Philippe Piraube, coach team excellence B; Tim Daniel, coach and scrum; Patrick Galas, physical trainer

Player Departures …

O. Barriolpart to Bédarrides; A. Girard at USAP84; Mr. Mortelette on USAP84; J. Famchon in Cavaillon; J. Matheron of Cavaillon; Mr. Barriol stops; P. Simon at USAP84; P. Leydet in Chateaurenard; S. Morley at Bédarrides; V. Guillet stop; B. Mezdou of Bédarrides; M. Aknin in Uzès; T. Carpenter in Nimes.

… Player arrivals

D. Capelle arrives from Lunel (three-quarter wing); C. Litzler de Nîmes (pillar); N. Anda de Nimes (three quarter center); G. Bonnet de Nîmes (3rd line); Mr. Bonnaure de Nîmes (3rd line); A. The Orange Church (3rd line); YES. Waib de Cavaillon (back); S. Martel de Châteaurenard (2nd line); P. Bonnafous de Châteaurenard (finger); E. Carletti of Orange (half mixed); Mr. Autones de Nîmes (half opening); J. Arnaud de Chateaurenard (3rd line); E. Meudic-Brown de Châteaurenard (half-open); A. Blanc de Bagnols-sur-Ceze (three quarter center); Q. Made of Orange (3rd line); S. German, return to the club (wings); E. Fabre back to the club (back); G. Smith, returning to the club (3rd line); C. Bixquert, returning to the club (2nd line); A. Deberle (three-quarters center) returns to the club.


the PSG puts it on sale but Barça does not want it at any price

Josep Maria Bartomeu affirmed last Friday that there was no case
Neymar because the player wants to leave the PSG but the French club does not want to sell it. Yesterday, the Barcelona president insisted that nothing had changed. However, the truth is that there is case
Neymar. It is possible that in the end it becomes a case in which Barça is only a secondary actor and the player finishes without leaving Paris or going to another site, but that there is a total imbroglio is notorious. And not only because the player did not show up on Monday when he returned to the PSG training, saying that he had some acts of his foundation and that, in his opinion, he does not have to return until the 15th. Also because the French team, which seeks to convey a more serious image and less concessions with the whims of its stars, has admitted that the Brazilian is for sale … if you get a good offer.

This was recognized by the new sports director of PSG, the ex-football player Leonardo, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien
. "Neymar can leave if there is an offer that suits everyone. But today, we do not know if someone wants to buy it or at what price. Obviously, all this is not resolved in one day, "argued Leonardo. That "agrees to everybody" is basically that it is a proposal with many zeros because, not in vain, the PSG paid 222 million by Neymar.

Poker game

The PSG ensures that Neymar will leave if a good offer comes and Bartomeu says that nothing has changed

What is clear to the French club are two things. The first, that the forward wants to force his way out. The second, which has a current contract with the Parisian team. "Everyone knows they want to go. But in football one day you say one thing and the next day another … It's incredible but that's the way it is. He has three years left with us. And since we have not received an offer, we can not discuss anything, "said the sports director of PSG, seen in Paris as the man behind Monday's statement in which Neymar's team said it would take appropriate measures his absence in training.

Leonardo also dropped that there had been some superficial contacts with Barcelona, ​​but nothing serious. It is about informal conversations through representatives. An exchange of views through which Barcelona knows that the price of the attacker is very high.

The Neymar vaudeville, manual, is burning stages

Barça, in this sense, thinks that the passage of time can favor it. Bartomeu already declared a few weeks ago that summer would be very long. The Blaugrana club believes that the problem is with PSG and Neymar and that signing the player would be, to a large extent, doing him a favor. Does Barcelona want to recover who was his footballer? Yes. At any price? The answer is no. On this occasion the Barcelona team is in a position of strength with respect to PSG because there are not so many clubs in the world with enough economic muscle to face a transfer and a salary of these characteristics and because the player prefers to return to the Camp Nou.

"Nothing has changed compared to Friday," said Bartomeu yesterday, who acknowledged that Barça will be attentive to the market until August 31, at the presentation of goalkeeper Neto. In that act he was accompanied by the manager Javier Bordas, the manager, Pep Segura, the technical secretary, Éric Abidal, or the CEO, Òscar Grau. Also present was André Cury, an advisor to Barça in Brazil, just landed in the Copa América. Cury took the opportunity to talk with Kia Joorabchian, agent of Neto and Coutinho. The future of the second is at the eaves and more with the Neymar affair on the table.

Meanwhile, the Neymar vaudeville, manual, is burning stages. First he let his loved ones fall that he wants to leave, provoking the anger of the PSG, and then he did not show up for training in an act of rebellion. Nothing that other vedettes have not done. It remains to know the end of the work. For that there is still enough.


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All Blacks coach Steve Hansen says he's not minimizing poisonous effects of domestic violence

All Black's coach Steve Hansen has issued a statement on his recent views on domestic assault.


All Black's coach Steve Hansen has issued a statement on his recent views on domestic assault.

Steve Hansen has backtracked on comments made about domestic violence in New Zealand by declaring he had not meant to minimize the "poisonous" impact it had on women in this country.

In a statement released via New Zealand Rugby, the All Blacks said he had not intended to come across as "unsympathetic" to how harmful domestic violence is to women in this country with his recently aired comments on the Sevu Reece case in a radio interview.

Hansen selected Reece as part of his 39-strong All Blacks squad for the first two Rugby Championship matches on the back of a standout rookie season with the Crusaders.

Reece's career had previously been in limbo after he admitted to one count of male assaults female after injuring his partner while drunk in a Hamilton street last year. She was discharged without conviction after Judge Denise Clark said there were mitigating factors.

* Hansen defends Reece decision
* Hansen's tone deaf on Reece
* AB's coach embraces pressure
* Reece deserves his AB's chance

"Over the last few days it has become clear that my comments have come across to some people as being unsympathetic or minimizing how poisonous and harmful domestic violence is for women," Hansen said in the statement.

"Nothing could be further from what I intended. I'm happy to have the chance to correct this impression.

"Based on my experiences as a police officer, I get the fact that the majority of the victims of domestic violence are women and children. That's not the case and is plain wrong. As for the other comments I made about Sevu Reece, I stand by them. "

In an interview on Radio Sport last Saturday Hansen defended the selection of Crusaders wing Sevu Reece, saying he was worthy of wearing the black jersey and that it was inevitable rugby would have caught up in domestic violence which had become a social issue in New Zealand.

Sevu Reece has been called up to the All Blacks after a standout season with the Crusaders.


Sevu Reece has been called up to the All Blacks after a standout season with the Crusaders.

He also said that domestic violence is "not a gender thing" in this country.

"It's a big part of our society unfortunately," Hansen told Radio Sport on Saturday. "So rugby is going to have people within its community that are involved in this.

"And having been a policeman, I've seen plenty of it. And I know it's not just restricted to women's assaulting, women's assault is painted too.

"It's not a gender thing, it's a New Zealand problem."

In the interview, the All Blacks coach pointed to poor parenting as a primary reason for domestic violence had become a society-wide issue in New Zealand and said rugby had helped rehabilitate Reece.

"He's come to an environment in the Crusaders where they've got a lot of things around him that have helped educate him, they've helped him understand that to be a good person you have to do certain things, and by doing that he's shown a lot of remorse for what he's done.

"He's been actively trying to better himself."


Over the stairs to happiness: James Simon Gallery is finally opened – culture

Now the museum island is fully developed. Next Friday, the James Simon Gallery will be the last to open. Angela Merkel will address the list of speakers with an address, and the fact that this time the Federal Chancellor, not her Minister of State, speaks, underlines the importance attached to the process in political Berlin. Older remember the first appearance of a Federal Chancellor on the Museum Island: That was in 1999, when Gerhard Schröder announced to the joyous surprise of those present the full takeover of future construction and renovation costs of the island by the federal government.

Twenty years and hundreds of millions of euros later, the first and only new building will be inaugurated. Since the opening of the Pergamon Museum in 1930, it has been housed on Museum Island. Apart from the current new construction, all construction costs since the end of the war have been spent on the renovation of the existing buildings, in the case of the Neues Museum, which had emerged as a three-quarter ruin from the Second World War, for a complete reconstruction. The latter was done by London architect David Chipperfield, who became a near-Berliner and became world-famous.

Chipperfield embodies after Schinkel (Altes Museum) with his pupils August Stüler (New Museum) and Heinrich Strack (Old National Gallery), after Ernst von Ihne (Bode Musuem) and after Adolf Messel / Ludwig Hoffmann (Pergamon Museum) the fourth style of the Museum island. With the Simon Gallery, it connects the oldest and the youngest of the predecessors, between Schinkel's columns and the pedestal of the Pergamon Museum.

The function does not follow the form here

This can be seen and understood when approaching from the Lustgarten or from the Kupfergraben. If you look at the dense row of pillars that rise snow-white from the equally white pedestal, and behind them the gray colossus of the Pergamon Museum.

Immediately it becomes clear why Chipperfield so vehemently rejects the motto of supposedly all modernity, form follows function. For the function of the James Simon Gallery is by no means followed by its form. It follows, if at all, out of the necessity to be an optical link of this heterogeneous museum island and to mediate between the solitaires, to whom it will serve in the future as a central entrance building. The functions housed in the building itself do not enforce a specific form; they have come together additively – "a wish list", as Chipperfield notes – according to what is missing on the Museum Island and now somehow had to be accommodated.

On the terrace In future, a café-restaurant will be open until the evening.Photo: Ute Zscharnt

The building is called a gallery and it is, but not primarily. Yes, there is a hall for temporary exhibitions, 650 square meters in size, located daylightless in the pedestal. The actual purpose of the building is to serve as the main entrance to the island. Therefore, a large ticket hall above, a smaller one on the ground floor, a cloakroom, the inevitable shop; to lecture hall and exhibition space.

An almost compelling endpoint of the Museum Island

And a café-restaurant at the height of the terrace and loggia, directly accessible from the wide outside staircase, which will be most memorable as a motif next to the pillar wall. This grand staircase does not follow a majestic museum construction – rather, the staircase is chosen as a motif, as a place of ascent and descent and maybe also the Sitzsitzends. The café will be operated independently of the opening hours of the museums and will hopefully be the desired place where life still reigns when the museums are closed.

Entrance to the Museum Island – the James Simon Gallery
1 of 18Photo: Thilo Rückeis12.01.2018 09:40View of the James Simon Gallery, the new entrance building of the Berlin Museum Island in Berlin-Mitte.

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Chipperfield has composed a building from this wish list of facilities. The fact that it does not appear to be merely additive, like the enumeration of the functions contained therein, makes up the genius of its design. It acts as a unit, as an almost imperative end point of the Museum Island at this difficult place. Because only a narrow towel at the property was available, and so a building of only 10 900 square meters gross floor area, of which 4600 square meters of floor space. The larger part of the building, it seems, consists of staircases, corridors, passageways – a house to stroll around for the sake of strolling.

But you can step from the loggia through a simple yet solemn door into the neighboring Pergamon Museum. On the other hand, at the New Museum, one has to turn right on the ground floor, where a monumentally displayed tree trunk, a foundation pile drawn from the ground, draws attention to the nature of the water-rich terrain – and to the archaeological collection areas of the New Museum.

The "Archaeological Promenade" is still a dream of the future

With the other museums, the connection still lags for years, because the "Archaeological Promenade", which is to take its exit here, is a dream of the future. The Housekeepers of the Bundestag, who have to turn over Schröder's Chancellor pledge to turn them into specific allocations, want to see one construction task completed before they approve the next one. Just how right they are doing has just shown the James Simon Gallery, whose costs have almost doubled by bungling the construction of the surprisingly promised in 2006 71 to now 134 million euros. Years of delay was the result – compared to the initially announced opening 2012 a whopping seven years. This probably explains why the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz as the client has organized a whole series of events, from the laying of the foundation stone to the topping-out ceremony, then "key handover" to the upcoming opening, supplemented by a number of interim visits for the expert public. They were anxious to keep showing that things are moving forward.

Such a happy outcome was not predetermined from the beginning of the project. Chipperfield could sing a song of it. His first draft, which he made parallel to commissioning with the reconstruction of the New Museum, fell through with those responsible. There was a lot of glass and steel, there were blocks next to each other. But no one really knew what would have to happen here and for what purpose. It happened like that.

David ChipperfieldPhoto: Tobias Schwarz / AFP

Chipperfield made quite a turnaround, as he found in the nineties to his own style, that of a classic-timeless modernity. At the Literature Museum of Modern Art in Marbach am Neckar in 2006, he tested the flat roof supported by pillars, the outermost abbreviation of a temple. He had seen the massive pedestal on Kupfergrabens – later broken up by two windows – in the competition entry Giorgio Grassis from 1994. Grassi is forgotten today, but the Italian rationalist had the idea formulated by Chipperfield's second draft of 2007. All at once, the design was almost finished, as it now stands.

The length of this procedure, which is typically complicated in terms of Berlin, has already proved its worth for the Museum Island for the second time after the New Museum. Both times Chipperfield is the architect. He demonstrated an angelic patience with all the misgivings that came, talked and left over the years. But the architect has learned so much from it, as can be seen in other buildings, such as the conversion of the Royal Academy in London. That's probably how Schinkel had to wrestle with his king. Except that Chipperfield saw no king, but a vast number of willing to co-talk. The authority that Chipperfield radiates today, at the zenith of his creation, he has truly acquired.

With James Simon, the foundation has been hard

The second characteristic of his architecture besides the sovereign creation of space is the choice and treatment of materials. Chipperfield values ​​the most careful execution. Only then does his minimalism escape the forms of danger of being unfinished or even cheap. Impeccable are the slender pillars, although they are made of concrete – with added marble dust. The floor is covered with shell limestone, the door frames are made of architectural bronze, and the auditorium has an elegant corrugated dark wooden ceiling. The hard, felt-benches, however, seem to preserve the puritanical heritage of Cromwell England.

(James-Simon-Galerie, Bodestr. (Center), daily 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Thursdays until 8:30 pm All tickets, museum pass, welcome card, etc. are available there -23 pm – Publication: David Chipperfield Architects: James Simon Gallery, Numbers, Photographs by Thomas Struth, Publisher of the bookstore Walther König, Cologne, 246 pages, 160 illustrations, 38 €.)

Remains the exhibition hall. In it, a four-week exhibition will be shown to James Simon, the greatest patron of Berlin museums. The invitation of the SPK for the opening was accompanied by a pamphlet on Simon – whose total circulation of 5000 copies, however, did not finance the foundation, but only a patron of our day, Waldtraut Braun, like the indefatigable champion for the honoring of Simon, Bernd Schultz, too duly announced.

With James Simon, the foundation has struggled – why? In the gallery named after him there is a bronze tribute to the entrance wall, which was certainly not intended from the beginning. The opening exhibition is a compromise, because originally the museums wanted to perform a jubilee exhibition of the Gipsformerei. It will be done later.

Now the public is taking possession of the new building – their new building, financed by taxpayers' money. To feel liberated with the ascent on the wide flight of steps and to cover the whole "sanctuary of art and science" is given to all citizens from the weekend. A stroke of luck.


Team took van Gisbergen from & # 39; bullied & # 39; to winner

Shane van Gisbergen prescribed his Red Bull Holden Racing Team team by helping him during a period of & # 39; being bullied & # 39; in the second stage of the Watpac Townsville 400.

Van Gisbergen claimed his second win of the 2019 season in a chaotic, rain-struck race, causing Fabian Coulthard to cross the line behind the Safety Car.

He started sixth and grounded during the first stint to finish third after the opening round of pit stops, where the drivers were still on slicks.

However, van Gisbergen struggled after the restart of a Safety Car period caused by the crash of his teammate Jamie Whincup, who fell to the sixth when the rain became heavier.

Triple Eight called him for rain tires in round 29, one for his rivals at the top of the order.

Van Gisbergen benefited from a mistake by Cameron Waters to be the best of the drivers who did not have to re-put to meet the fuel-lowering requirements and resisted the Coulthard challenge later.

"It was one of the craziest races I've had for a while," he said.

"It was a race where I tried to do my job and stay on track, but that was won in the pits.

"Strategy from Shippy (engineer Grant McPherson) and the guys there, great pit stops, but also to keep me calm.

"We had no way the fastest car, but they kept getting good information and I just didn't make any mistakes, stayed on the track, which was the most important thing.

"It was great, a lot of action, but pretty cool."

Van Gisbergen admitted that he was in trouble after the first restart, until the most important call to pit for three laps later in circumstances with "zero grip".

"Racing was difficult," he said.

"The first bit wasn't bad, it was the piece after the Safety Car, I was 50-50 or I had to change (to wet).

"It was probably not wet enough, but under the Safety Car all the temp and the tires went off and when we went back green it was pretty slippery and I had no pace.

"I let myself be bullied and put myself in the wrong places and left a long way back."

After finishing fourth on Saturday, van Gisbergen moved from fifth to third in the championship on the Townsville weekend.

Whincup is sixth, a second place on Saturday combined with his second DNF of the campaign until the crash of Sunday.


Basketball World Cup 2019: A Spain conditioned by commitment | sports

The richness of Castilian allows the word commitment travel in its different meanings from the "obligation, duty, responsibility or promise of marriage" to concepts such as "difficulty, risk or embarrassment". On the commitment and his circumstances was the appearance of Sergio Scariolo in which he offered the list of 16 players for the World Cup in China, which will be played between August 31 and September 15. The absence of Pau Gasol due to injury – for the first time since 2013 – made the presence of Serge Ibaka or Nikola Mirotic more necessary than ever, by virtue of their position and position, but neither of them confirmed their "theoretical enthusiasm" with a "definitive disposition". ", In the words of the coach.

The lack of commitment of both has placed Spain in a World Cup. "We will have to look for other ways to compete. That is the challenge. We have less experience and talent, but much more hunger and imagination, "said Scariolo after setting up a call" adapted to the resignations. " Neither will the European champion Sergio Rodríguez – disengaged from yesterday CSKA to become free agent in search of equipment-, which informed the Federation of its "need to stop".

As a result, a heterogeneous list of 16, from which will be the final 12, with only four players nba (Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio and the Hernangómez brothers), the lowest figure since 2011, seven from Euroleague (Rudy Fernández, Sergio Llull, Víctor Claver, Pau Ribas, Pierre Oriola, Ilimane Diop and Xavi Rabaseda) and five of the heroes of the Windows, captained by Quino Colom with Jaime Fernández, Javier Beirán, Joan Sastre and Pablo Aguilar, the great beneficiary of the inner hole. A group with more than 30 years on average, without juniors gold for the first time since 1999 and with Rudy as captain (211 international).

The 16 summoned


Ricky Rubio (Phoenix)
Sergio Llull (Real Madrid)
Quino Colom (Bahçesehir)

Escorts / Eaves

Rudy Fernández (Real Madrid)
Pau Ribas (Barcelona)
Joan Sastre (Valencia)
Xavi Rabaseda (Gran Canaria)
Jaime Fernández (Unicaja)
Javier Beirán (Gran Canaria)

Ala-pívots / Pívots:

Víctor Claver (Barcelona)
J. Hernangómez (Nuggets)
Willy Hernangómez (Hornets)
Marc Gasol (Toronto Raptors)
Pablo Aguilar (Reggiana)
Pierre Oriola (Barcelona)
Ilimane Diop (Baskonia)

Spain is concentrated on Wednesday, July 24.
On August 2 he plays in Pamplona against Lithuania.
The 9-10 will play a home run in Malaga against Ivory Coast, Rep. Congo and the Philippines.
The 16 will be measured in the US in Anaheim
The 22, in Madrid, will play before the Dominican Republic before leaving for China.

"The most correct thing is to ask them," said Scariolo when asked about the reasons for the absences of Ibaka and Mirotic. "They have given physical, personal reasons, techniques regarding their clubs … there is everything. The two at the same time can not be, but one of the two would have entered safely on the list. The only time I could choose with full availability of both was in 2011. Then there have always been problems of all kinds. It is pointless to be surprised and also it has been to advance tactical approaches with one or the other, "the coach enumerated with frustration before censoring the absentees by way of praise to the compromised. "Pau (Gasol) would have killed for being and could not because of his injury. These special commitments should be highlighted positively. A 39-year-old player, who is in the final stretch of his career, who has won everything that can be won in the world of basketball and is still excited to be and always shows his interest in the national team, "Scariolo explained. He also thanked "the class and the sense of belonging" of others like Fran Vázquez or Fernando San Emeterio.

With this configuration of the call and by his condition of champion of the NBA, Marc Gasol becomes the central axis of the team and his role dedicated Scariolo an important part of his exhibition. "Your leadership will not go through absorbing all the leading role and responsibility. We have other expert and quality players (LLULL). Marc will be an offensive and defensive reference, but I expect a lot from others. The emptiness of the historical referents, who were our lifesaver many times, does not have to be filled by Marc alone. His great talent, perhaps unique in the world, is to generate games for the rest of the team. It is not a question of which goal 20 points in all the parties. What he accomplishes is that the team will always score 80 or 90 points, "the coach closed.

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How much Coco Gauff earned after fourth round Wimbledon defeat to Simona Halep revealed | Tennis Sport

Gauff was relatively unknown outside of tennis circles heading into the pinnacle of the grass court calendar.

But "Coco" was the name on everyone's lips as the 15-year-old went to the hero Venus Williams in the first round.

The youthful exuberance and smiling nature endeared her to SW19 fans, from those in the show courts to those sitting at home.

The American proceeded to draw in the big crowds as she defeated Magdalena Rybarikova, double age, in the second round.

She encountered the first real phase of resistance when Polona Hercog took her on in the last 32, however.

Gauff lost the first set 6-3 but showed the metal as she won two tiebreaks to defeat the Slovenian across three thrilling stanzas.

There were fist-pumps aplenty from in the stands from the mother and father, and the majority of Court One was rooting for her on Monday against Halep.

It was not to be, though, as Gauff battled lost 6-3 6-3 – but how much money is she taking home?

How much did Coco Gauff earn from Wimbledon ladies ’singles?

For just showing up in the first round, Gauff banked a cool £ 45,000, eclipsing her usual pocket money.

Beating Williams bumped that up from £ 27,000 to £ 72,000, which then rose to £ 111,000 for making the third round.

With her thrilling win over Hercog, Gauff pocketed an overall £ 176,000.

Speaking ahead or the end-of-the-road match against Halep, Gauff said: “I've never hit with her or anything or practiced with her.

“I don't know how the ball would feel when I actually play.

“I think I'm just going to approach like every other match. I have been approaching.

"My routine has been working pretty well."


Why could this game All-Star finally win by NL

LAS VEGAS – The 90th Game All-Star MLB Tuesday night at Progressive Field, played its first in Cleveland since 1997. The history of the game recently was one-way, and won the American League of the last six years, including five games in the National League parks.

The AL, together with a 44-43-2 all-hour lead is offered as a result of a 23-6-1 increase since 1988, as a preferred option at -110 by William Hill and -115 favorite at PointBet based in New Jersey. The market betting consensus across the country is that the AL is usually a favorite in a coin-flip game.

The total is set at 8¹ / ₂ with a small juice to the head at -115 at William Hill. Eight or fewer runs were scored in nine of the final 11 All-Star Games; however, it must be noted that there are 3,691 home races (1.37 per game) struck across the league in tonight's match. MLB is good for the record of 6,105 (set in 2017) to be broken in a very short order.

The AL will start on Justin Verlander from the Astros (10-4, 2.98 ERA) and the NL will lead a leader of MLB Hyun-Jin Ryu ERA (10-2, 1.73 ERA) of the Dodgers. These patches are the best two in the stewards in WHIP. Ryu's poor congregation appears on 28 June in Colorado (four, seven deserves, nine goals) nine on the radar as he answered three six machines without scoring in a win over San Diego on 4 July. Two last wings (at home against the Seamen and Angels) have gone 0-1 in 12 incorporation, giving up 12 hits and eight deserved trails, including five homers.

The NL will present the youngest front line in All-Star Game history with an average age of 25.8. Although he is not directly connected with fossils, the average age of 28.8 at the AL lineup and he is led by MVP Mike Trout, a two-time game, is doing his seventh All-Star just representing the Angels. The Millville, N.J. native the co-option, as well as Cody Bellinger from the Dodgers, to win the MVP game at 10/1 at Westgate SuperBook USA. PointsBet is stronger on the Jersey boy to bring the hardware home at +950, ​​while Christian Yelich, Bellinger and the Brewers are co-terminous options, the current MLB leader in house, percentage slugging and OPS ( on the base plus slugging) at 15/1.

In terms of game betting, there does not seem to be a particular tendency on each side.

“This action is very small at this stage,” said Jeff Sherman, Vice President of risk management at Westgate SuperBook. “Over 90 per cent of the bets will come to All-Star (on the day of the match).”

Sherman also hopes that there will be more volume on his book on the Over with the number of home visits we've already seen this season as well as the general public's disturbance towards others as they do in all other sports.

Points Points are the usual choice of baseball betting (sides, running lines, totals, full game, first five innings, team totals), but it also offers prices to the first three innings and the first seven-six, respectively. In addition, there is a three-way line that we often see in soccer betting. The AL is worth money and the NL +111 is the draw is +75, which means you can bet on that price for the game to be connected through nine-today.

If you believe in "the trend of your friend" betting mentality, then you ride the AL streak he-game win. On the other hand, you could become king and side of the youth and the NL has three hundred Stars as the front. Younger players usually want to go to the All-Star Game for the first time or for a second time than guys who have been regular for years. 30 All-Stars (16 NL, 14 AL) conferences will be present at this year's meeting, so we have a good chance to see an exciting game with many young players trying to make big impressions on the big stage.

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