Pleasure Rugby Club (PRC) celebrates its 50th birthday this Saturday, June 15 at Robert Barran Stadium. Entertainment is planned all day.

The Junior Pleasure rugby club will attend the club party on June 15th. (© Sébastien Fremont)
The junior players in the Plaisir rugby club participate in the club party on Saturday, June 15th. (© Sébastien Fremont)

This is one of the flagship clubs in Yvelines in the world of ovalia. the Fun Rugby Club (PRC) will celebrate 50 years of existence Saturday June 15th at Robert Barran Stadium.

A club born in 1969 after the rugby section of the Pleasure Sports Association (ASM) has decided to take its independence.

We started playing in the fields, says Thierry Lamandé, the current president who arrived at the club at the age of 13. A farmer lent the land. "

Entertainment all day

A little later, the club was structured to reach today 400 licensees including 150 children at the rugby school. Side results, the minimal has just been crowned masters in Ile-de-France. The senior team has developed for two years federal 2, the fourthe national department.

60-70% of seniors went through the rugby school, "proudly repeats the president.

For the club's fifteenth anniversary, the leaders wanted to mark the occasion. The festivities start at. 10:30 with a rugby school tournament. The cadets and juniors will take over a tournament at. 13: 30-14: 30 followed by leisure and rugby players at. 5 (14: 30-15: 30). Kl. 16:30, a gala match will oppose "seniors trained for Pleasure senior citizens have strengthened in recent years," said Thierry Lamande.

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Throughout the day, entertainment is offered to young and old: inflatable structures, pony rides, angling, all weather, introduction to rugby golf, pétanque tournament or Breton pucks … "It will be very friendly" assures the president.

Kl. At 6pm a cocktail takes place prior to a meal, a dance and the release of the finals of the Top 14, Toulouse-Clermont, on a huge screen. More than 250 adults and a hundred children are expected for dinner.

Several former presidents of the club, Louis Barraque, Armand Périé and Lucien Peuchlestrade are expected on this great day.

On September 28, it will be the tournament of the second big club in the city, the Olympic Football Fun (FOP), to celebrate his fifty birthday.


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