"This is the first time that our women's team will have a jersey made for her, without star, because they have not been world champions of football", congratulates Lucie Brasseur who wears it proudly. "In recent years, they played with the women's version of the men's jersey.she nuanced. But in the early 2010s, the Bleues were playing with the jerseys of the men's team, and "we see the girls with the swimsuits that dangle ", recalls Lucie Brasseur, author of the book #MeFoot, a title that voluntarily refers to #MeToo.

"It's quite complicated to admit that we love football when we are a woman.There are many feminist fights presented in the pages of the book so it needed a title a little punch"explains the young woman born in Yvelines.

"I'm not for equality, I'm just for more respect ", noting that the Men's Golden Ball received 8 million euros while his female counterpart received only 400,000 euros.

"It almost does not shock women who practice boxing or handball, but football always shocks ", she rebels again. Nevertheless, a mixed foosball will be launched in the trade. "It's great because little girls will be able to project themselves into practice. Mattel takes out a Barbie footballer and Panini has released a special album for the Women's World Cup ", notes Lucie Brasseur.

It requires in conclusion "that the match bonuses are substantially the same for the girls and boys of the team of France ".

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