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Why does Suriname and Guyana not play the Copa América if they belong to South America? | Copa América 2019 | Answers


On June 14, a new edition of the America Cup, the oldest contest in football. At the opening, Brazil defeated its similar from Bolivia. With all the teams already debuted in the contest, this Wednesday continues the duels to ensure the pass to the next round. Qatar and Japan, as guests of this edition will seek to ensure their continuation and beat the records that have the selections that do not belong to the Conmebol.

As we mentioned, the America Cup Brazil 2019 has as guests Qatar and Japan, and is that the Conmebol usually invite selections from the world to complete the groups. However, two nations live outside this football festival, despite geographically located in South America. These are not part of any tournament organized by Conmebol.

We refer to the almost unknown Surinam Y Guyana.

Why these two countries do not compete in the Copa America? The question has a simple explanation. But before, it should be noted that these two countries participate in the tournaments organized by CONCACAF, a sporting entity that brings together the selections of North America and Central.

One of the reasons why Surinam Y Guyana they do not face tournaments of the Conmebol it is for extra-soccer reasons, and that is that both nations were the last to be independent; In addition, as in none of them the language is Spanish, it cost them to integrate with the rest of South American countries.

Outside Brazil, are the countries in which a language other than Spanish is spoken. In Suriname the official language is Dutch; and in Guyana, English. That made that, from the beginning, the relationship was not the same as with other nations in this part of the world. In addition, in these countries football is not the main sport they practice, as cricket is, to mention one sport.

In football, neither country has high level selections in the sport, which explains the decision of both squads to play a smaller tournament like the Concacaf and not in the Conmebol, considered one of the more difficult.

The leaders of these two teams understand that their national representatives or clubs, have nothing to do before the highest level of the rest of the South American countries and that is why they decided to join the tournament of Caribbean nations.

It should be noted that before this decision, that the Conmebol did not do much to avoid it either. The South American entity was only interested in interacting with teams that would make the region grow and it was clear that for them, neither Suriname nor Guyana help to raise the soccer level in this part of the continent.

Historically, the Copa America has had as guests Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Japan and Qatar, nations that geographically would have nothing to do in the tournament, but participate because Conmebol arouse great economic interest, which does not Suriname and Guyana

Selections invited to the Copa America

Usually, the ten national teams that make up the Conmebol participate, plus two invited countries from the Confederation of North America, Central America and the Caribbean Football. For the 2016 edition, six selections of that conference participated, a record in the tournament.

To date, selections from the following confederations have been invited to participate in the tournament: Concacaf (8), AFC Asian Football Confederation (4) Y Union of European Football Associations (1).

Neither the CAF African Football Confederation nor the OFC Oceania Football Confederation have ever been invited.

It is worth mentioning that no invited team has been able to win the Copa América.

Within the invited selections, Mexico with two subchampionships and three third places, Honduras with a third place, and U.S with two fourth places, were the invited selections with the best results

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