Víctor Font is on his way to becoming known as the president of Barça. One year after formally announcing that it will be presented to the next elections, initially planned for 2021, the businessman has an agenda of events and activities to explain his project to club members, who, in the end, will have to endorse your candidacy.

But in these meetings and press conferences, he is also forced to talk about the news of Barça. Basically because the problems of today are the same that one will find if one day he gets to sit in the main chair of the Camp Nou box.

This Wednesday, he spoke about the signings, and in particular Matthijs de Ligt, the player that the Barça club aspires to, but it is not clear that he is playing at the Camp Nou. For Font, the Dutch central is "a key piece for the rejuvenation of the squad" and for that reason he assured that, if he were the president, he would "do everything possible" to sign it.

"Griezmann said no to Barça a year ago. Surely there are other options in the market"

Víctor Font Pre-candidate to the president of Barça

Font, who has clarified that he always speaks as an amateur and that in the case of winning the elections these decisions correspond to the technical secretary, he also referred to Antoine Griezmann. In the case of the French player, the businessman does not see clearly his incorporation. "Beyond the soccer issues (I think that its position is already covered), it is someone who, a year ago, said 'no' to Barça. Surely there are other options in the market. In the same way, he also ruled out Neymar's return, especially for all extra-sporting aspects that surround his figure.

'We build together the future of Barça'

The businessman and pre-candidate has made a press conference at the Casa del Llibre in Barcelona, ​​where he has presented the book 'Construitem conjunts el futur del Barça', by journalist Antoni Bassas. A text in conversation-interview format in which you explain your management model with all of you and yourself. "It is a good tool to reach as many partners as possible. It reflects very well why I am here. In two or three hours we can understand what we want to do, what is our project."

And, as Font acknowledges, sending his message "is a capital challenge" because the defendant is a great stranger to most fans. The elections of the future have been one of the topics that have been put on the table in the presentation. Font, who says that he has "no idea" of who his rivals will be – President Bartomeu can not be presented again – he says that he has no "indication" of whether or not there will be an election advancement. In any case, he has categorically discarded that he wants to become part of any motion of censure.

"The current moment asks to make decisions and those who send now are not willing to take them"

Víctor Font Pre-candidate to the president of Barça

Internally, the businessman has always said that he wants the elections to be in 2021 – as planned – and not before, because he will have more time to address the partners. But, critical of the current management of the club, he believes that, in this case, the elections should be "as soon as possible" because "the current moment demands to make decisions and those who are sending now are not willing to take them." In addition, he considers that it would be appropriate for the mandates to spend between six and four years, as it was before. "It's a reflection we must do."

The renewal of the squad, the sports model and the wage bill are some of the points that most focus the attention of the candidate. "I'm worried that Barça will be doing so much for short-termism. A month ago, 90% of the members were happy. And because the ball did not enter Anfield, now it seems that everything has to change", he reflected.

Beyond signing, Font has not come to speak of names of his candidature, both executives and executives who would accompany him. "We can not say names, yet. We are working on it." Xavi Hernández, from whom he confessed in a previous presentation that he hoped would be his coach, commented: "I am convinced that Xavi will be the Barça coach, either because the candidature of Sí al Futur is successful or with some other candidature" .

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