This is the kiss of the two women of the Women's World Cup

This is the kiss of the two women of the Women's World Cup

Magdalena Eriksson is a Swedish footballer who is playing the Women's World Cup and Pernille Harder is a Danish footballer who is not playing the Women's World Cup because Sweden, Magdalena Eriksson's team, eliminated Denmark in the qualifying round 1-0 on the last day. It could be a sport situation without much relevance, but the whole thing wins because both Eriksson and Harder, They are a couple and have starred in the most beautiful and romantic kiss of the tournament.

The Swedish team faced yesterday a decisive duel against Canada to qualify for the quarterfinals of the tournament. In a difficult match (1-0 only) the European team managed to prevail while Harder remained nervous in the stands. Finally, with the victory of Sweden, the Danish did not hesitate to go down to the grass and congratulate her partner for a victory that will have to make profitable next Saturday against Germany to advance towards the semifinals.

The image has gone around the world as a symbol of community visibility LGTBi: in a world (that of sport) that mainly focuses on the masculine side where few men have dared to declare themselves openly homosexuals this image has become popular to overcome those prejudices that accompany the sport.

Denmark did not qualify for the World Cup after losing two matches with Sweden; the first one had a comfortable result of 3-0 but it does not correspond to a good game in the field or to an overwhelming superiority: the Danish squad did not show up to the match as protest measure so that their salaries were equated with those of the men's team. They finally succeeded, but at a price too high. The second match ended with Sweden's victory at the home of the Danish by the minimum (0-1).

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