Football The real reason why Setién did not use Lainez

The real reason why Setién did not use Lainez


Enrique Setién (Cantabria, September 27, 1958) has a clear, uncompromising philosophy: "No fiches to the best players, record the right ones for your team", phrase that surely many people in the hall of sessions of the Annual Meeting of Mexican Soccer will draw conclusions. However, there is a question … Why did not Diego Lainez use the Mexican in Betis? The answer is simple, without setbacks, blunt and really naked to a guy, yes … serious, honest and responsible, three tricks with which he has built his sporting life as a coach: He did not ask the Tabasco.

The Spanish coach offered a conference for managers of Mexican soccer in Cancun Imago7

The small footballer added 347 minutes in the League, 71 in the Copa del Rey and 75 in Europa League. If Quique is a hostage of his thoughts, then this can be reflected in what the 'mister' himself assures this journalist, minutes after finishing his exposition: he 'did not ask the Mexican soccer player', which reveals that the player practically It was an imposition of the Bética directive in a more commercial than sporting eagerness.

Setién is fervent in his philosophy in the sense that teams do not need the stars, but simply those that work for their collective approach.

This phrase defines it in a better way: "I always think long term. I talk to the players to let them see when they gave their best version. The actions should be aimed at strengthening the group. You have to be INFLEXIBLE ", and in that sense it was with the former player of the America. He did not give him many minutes. He was faithful to his ideas and that at the end of the day he applauds.

The pair of whistles to Enrique Setién

Quique Setién gave a lecture during Football Week. ESPN Digital

Undoubtedly, one of the best exercises that could be enjoyed in Cancun was the presence of two coaches with a triumphant career – in the case of Capello– and an unbreakable philosophy, in the case of Spanish. On the eve the Italian gave a talk that unfortunately did not have the expected impact, because Fabio, not speaking in his native language and expressing himself in Spanish, left room for some short and imprecise concepts. Nobody denies his ability.

Today's exhibition, by the Betis technician, was enriching in its ideology, however, where it was left to work and caused a couple of whistles by those present was in the technological part, where on more than one occasion it was 'balls' to present technical problems in their material which prevented a better development of their ideas. The Mexicans did not forgive and 'jokingly and seriously' they let out whistles to the Spanish strategist. Personally, I think there were very good football ideas and maybe it was normal that when he tackled the tactical question, among the audiovisual errors and explanations without specific support in the image, the talk became tedious and at times he made those present they were more worried on their phones than what Setien said.

Liga MX took a step forward

No doubt in Cancun, at least in this new version of Football Week, took a step forward. Unlike a common Wednesday in the former Transfers Regime, now everything was a pilgrimage in the halls of the hotel headquarters where knowledge and training fortunately prevailed.

The movements of players from one team to another were changed – sometimes without the player's consent – and what we saw today were modifications to the ideas and updating of information with three days of presentations that surely left a lot of the football family, but little or nothing to the players.

Perhaps the most important actor in this scenario remained: the footballer, but that should be corrected next year. There was even an invitation to the media so that they could go on to learn from the talks that were given that were very varied. Even for some characters, like Luis Miguel Salvador, who considered that it was beneficial for the player the disappearance of the Draft, but at the same time harmful, because surely there will be fewer movements, unlike what happened in previous years. We will have to see what the overall balance of the clubs is, but it is clear that they will have to make timely follow-ups for future hiring, not only in First Division teams, but throughout the country.

On Twitter they were brave against Braves

Finally it was learned what really happened with the official account of @fcjuarezoficial lwhich already looks unlocked. It turns out that it was hardly announced that the border team was already Liga MX, thousands of users reported the profile, so the platform of the blue bird determined to suspend it temporarily. The managers of the team did not really know the situation, they got in touch with Twitter and he informed them that this had been the cause of the blockade, so that until today they determined that it should continue in a normal manner.

By the way, FC Juárez and its directors, led by Álvaro Navarro, were the magnet for the media that gathered in Cancun. The promoters asked who the Juarez directors were, since they would offer the players they represent, meanwhile, it could not be seen today Manuel Lapuente, who announced since Monday that Lobos had been sold to Alejandra de la Vega, owner of the bravo set.

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