The hilarious message of Feliciano López to his girlfriend Sandra Gago


Feliciano López He enjoyed one of the happiest days of his life yesterday. Perhaps, the most important moment of his entire sports career. The 37-year-old Toledo added his second title in Queen's, which also added the doubles trophy with Scottish Andy Murray.

Feli was overjoyed, and in the stands she could barely contain the tears of emotion her girlfriend, the model Sandra Gago. For her they were the first words of thanks of the tennis player, who at the end of the track offered a hilarious comment that managed to get the laughter to the whole tier: "When we met, she did not have much idea of ​​what tennis was, nor did she know much. about me. In the beginning I kept losing and losing, and now I can show him that I am a decent tennis player. "

Feliciano, exultant as ever, thanked him for sharing that moment with him and summoned the model to the month of September, when both will become husband and wife: "I am very happy to share this moment with you. Many things are to come in September. You are the best, Sandra ».

Feliciano has started the week in 53rd place in the world ranking after having disappeared from the top 100 in the previous weeks. This impulse is accompanied by the invitation made by the Wimbledon tournament for Feliciano to be present, which will make the Spanish tennis player the active player with the most consecutive appearances in Grand Slam tournaments (70).

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