The day that was celebrated 100 years with the oval ball in Juillan was widely anticipated last Saturday at the baniv stage.

Leaders, players, all had set the bowls to finish this moment, bringing together nearly 400 rugby players from all generations.

And it is a huge highlight that is installed on the stadium, which would welcome the "cailhauasser" of all ages with Roland Hamelin, dean of their representatives, in mind.

The day started well with the school's rugby meal. And during a beautiful sun the afternoon had made it possible for the youngest to participate in several playful moments before, from 18 hours the "serious things" do not begin. It was hot, very hot, and two giant barns were supposed to quench the many guests in front of an excellent orchestra that ensured a flame composition. A juicy paella roasted by Roti & # 39; grill will then celebrate its world before beautiful moments of reunion, against a backdrop of captivating music, marking the night and night! The members of the Cailhaua XV association, the generations Beauxis, Hamelin, Richon, Verdoux, Teytaut, Lacrampe and many others who gave many hours of honor to the rugby Juillanais were the evenings.

Jacques Baron, president of Juillan XV, said: "Oval, a balloon, that's what brings us together tonight. One hundred years, he's been used to playing rugby in Juillan for the first time. Above all, a story of men, reminiscent of beats, defeats, eternal friendships engraved in the third half times, often memorable, the president failed to thank all the people who came to this event of rugby juillanais, the only drawback to note among the 400 rugby players, rugbywomen and followers who attended this fraternity meeting, the absence of few players, leaders, referrals or mentors who were very missed!


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