Football Rodrygo will be patient to win his place at...

Rodrygo will be patient to win his place at Real Madrid


MADRID – Rodrygo Goes was introduced as a Real Madrid player in a ceremony held on Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Only about two thousand fans came to the stadium to meet the 18-year-old attacker, the third player after Luka Jovic and Eden Hazard who has arrived in Madrid to be part of the "new project" Merengue, although in different circumstances.

Rodrygo poses next to Florentino Pérez during his presentation at Real Madrid Getty

The Brazilian could follow a plan similar to the one adopted for the "emerging talents" that have reached the club in recent years: minutes of play with Castilla to channel their adaptation and acquire shooting.

The final program is still to be decided once the player enters into a contract with Zinedine Zidane to begin the preseason work. However, he has been open to the possibility of completing his training in the Second Division B.

"I am available to the club to play in the first team or Castilla", said the forward in a press conference.

Rodrygo arrives with a baggage of just 49 games played with Santos of Brazil since his debut in 2017 with a balance of ten goals and five assists.

The player was already a year waiting for the jump to Europe since the club and Santos closed the deal for its transfer for 45 million euros in a kind of advanced operation, as there were several clubs lurking, including the Barcelona.

His short age prevented him from signing a contract immediately so he had to wait until this summer to disembark in Madrid with 18 years old and full-fledged.



The Brazilian forward and his happiness for his arrival at the Casablanca.

According to the player, "in no time" he had doubts to sign for Real Madrid.

"My dad and my agents took over and in 20 minutes it was finalized (the agreement)", confirmed the player.

"Since I was little I always chose Madrid and I always told my dad that I was going to Madrid and when Madrid arrived I had no doubt," he said.

Rodrygo arrives in Madrid a year after his teammate in the Brazilian U-20 team, Vinicus Júnior, who has helped him prepare for his arrival thanks to the merengue team, and especially, in handling the pressure generated by high expectations after his signing.

"The pressure is on all the clubs; here evidently it is much greater. Vinicius told me about his experience and told me that we have to be patient. Everyone has told me. I am very young and I have all the future ahead. I have to be patient and things will come out naturally, "said Rodrygo.

Vinicius Júnior became the first player born in the 21st century to debut with Real Madrid and, later, to score a goal with a white shirt.

However, his accelerated promotion to the first team has brought consequences to the player.

In a season in which Real Madrid was left without star striker and media 'hook', the spotlights were placed on the young Brazilian as the only light of hope to save the season.

Vinicius, who has not yet turned 19, barely scored three goals in 26 games. He ended up injured and harshly criticized for his constant failures in the face of a goal due to lack of experience.

Rodrgyo, whom the Brazilian press has extolled as "a striker with more quality than Vinicius," defended his teammate and recalled that he has only been in Europe for a year.

"We are two young players in the best club in the world. Two Brazilians with the same characteristics, but do not compare. We are two good players.

I think we always have to improve and Vinicius just played his first season and the next one is going to evolve, "said the attacker, who took the opportunity to warn that he also needs a period of adaptation so he can not commit to scoring big goals. .



The Brazilian striker took a picture with the fans and gave away balls.

"I will also evolve. I score a lot of goals but I do not push; It will be just my first season and I can not say that I will score many goals. I have to be patient and it is something that we have to see and that will evolve over time, "he said.

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