Estivens Alves, ex-husband of Najila Trindade de Souza, assured that the woman who accuses Neymar for rape has a "conspiracy mania" when asked about the emotional state of the Brazilian woman, with whom she had a relationship of seven years and had a son, who is affected by the situation.

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In a recent interview for TV Globo, Alves said that the self-styled model always had an "explosive temper", proof of this is the attack he suffered in 2014, when Trindade stabbed him with a knife for an argument.

The former sentimental partner of Najila Trindade revealed that he is affected by anonymous death threats, from the absence of Neymar in the America Cup. In addition, he pointed out that his son can not attend school and that he cries every time his mother appears on television.

The citizen declared this Wednesday before the Brazilian justice for the case that involves Neymar, specifically to talk about the visit he made to the denouncer's department, with the objective of removing his son's tablet and cell phone.

Najila Trindade, of 26 years, after accusing Neymar by an alleged rape in a police station in Sao Paulo, which was committed in a Paris hotel on May 16, argues that he suffered the theft of a tablet where he would be the sustenance of his complaint, for which he blamed his ex-husband .

"Najila said that he had stolen that tablet, but the tablet that he took out is the son's tablet, a gray tablet," said Roberto Guastelli, in charge of the defense of Estivens Alves.

"He has a message from her and her entry was after the robbery in her apartment, and she entered on Thursday, after she sent him a message requesting that she go to the apartment to remove the son's belongings," the lawyer said.


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