Football Marinette Pichon's answers to your questions about the 2019...

Marinette Pichon's answers to your questions about the 2019 World Cup


The top scorer in the history of the France team gave its analysis on Tuesday at franceinfo, about the start of the tournament of the France team.

"Today, on a match, the France team has every chance, but there will be no room for approximation." When a monument of the France team delivers its analysis on the first round of the Bleues at the Women's World Cup, we listen. Marinette Pichon, Top scorer in the history of the Tricolores, responded for an hour to your questions, Tuesday, June 18, the day after the defeat of the players Corinne Deacon against Nigeria (1-0).

What are the qualities (and the defects) of the Blue ones? Which teams are the favorites of the competition? Is the level of play of this World Cup satisfactory? How can women's football further develop and become popular? Here are the 21 questions that we relayed to him, accompanied by his answers.

Is the France football team likely to win the World Cup? Because the match of yesterday was not terrible! (@anonymous)

On the whole beginning of the competition, the counters are rather green, even if the context of the last match was delicate: France was already qualified and there was a turnover of four players. If the Blue want to win a star, it will have to improve in several areas of play, including the offensive sector.

What do you think of the offensive difficulties of the France team? It seems like they have a hard time scoring a goal in the game. (@Plouf)

Fully agree ! Against Nigeria, the France team had to deal with a very malleable defense. But there was too much technical waste in the transmissions. It was not until the 65th minute that Amel Majri (who is not attacking) found the frame.

We see the French team miss many opportunities and make a lot of technical mistakes (going in the wind, lack of achievement). Why do you think that? (@anonymous)

I think it's related to the third match, which was no longer an issue. France was already qualified, and the spirits were turned towards the 8th finals. And the jokers did not show much potential, even if they were not necessarily aligned to their favorite position. However, there is still a need to adjust the technical accuracy in the finishing phases.

What do you think of Valérie Gauvin's World Cup? I would be curious to hear from you about our advanced attacker, whom I do not find extraordinary. (@Fox of the surfaces)

His competition is correct. She was not aligned on the first match. However it weighs heavily on defense in the air and wears the opponent through his pressing. But she has to work her efficiency and statistics in front of the goal. Precisely, to this day, it is not yet a fox of the surfaces as it can be Eugenie;)

What is for you the best player of the French team in the first three games? (@Jujuninho)

For me, it is Amel Majri: she has been regular defensively, rarely taken in default. She had an impressive offensive contribution and had a complementarity with Eugénie Le Sommer in the left lane. It is the player in the shape of this World.

Which team do you think is most within the reach of the French team in the round of 16 between Brazil, Italy and Australia? (@footix)

Australia, because it is a team easier to move, which has a weaker block than Italy or Brazil. Aside from her attacking star, Samantha Kerr, she presents a tactical scheme more within the reach of the team of France, not refusing the game.

Is there a real gap between France and the United States (and we hope that a match that passes) or the level is it a little more balanced than what we read? (@PBZ)

I saw the Americans play twice. Facing Thailand, Jill Ellis lined up an encore team that did the job (13-0 win). The changes made during the game had no impact in the intensity or quality proposed by the Americans. A solid team, individualities capable of performing and tilting the match at any time. Today, on a match, the France team has all its chances, however there will be no room for approximation.

Hello Marinette, and congratulations for your nice career! Do you think the Blue can go far? Strengths and weaknesses ? Who do you see in the final? Thank you. (@ANGIE025)

Thank you @ ANGIE025 for the compliment! I remain convinced that the France team today presents the best team aligned in a major competition. Only I must be objective: it lacks regularity in the beginning of matches, technical accuracy and quality in the finish to hope to continue the adventure of our World Cup. Strengths: a left corridor with the complementarity between Amel Majri and Eugénie Le Sommer, supplemented by Amandine Henry when she is at her level of play; the central hinge with Wendie Renard and Griedge Mbock.

For the final, we expect more details on the nations that will confirm their fitness in the 8th finals! We can bet on the Netherlands, China, Germany … and our Blue!

How do you rate the level of this World Cup? I have the impression of a very heterogeneous level, with some beautiful purges … (@Philipulus)

It's still a great competition, thanks to the crowds in the stadiums and the good atmosphere, but there are still disparities between the nations. We saw it with the Americans against Thailand, a match that marked the spirits. But apart from this result, the scores are not rivers.

What would be for you the ideal compo to go to the end? Thank you and kisses to all. (@Martine (SLT))

Sarah Bouhaddi in goals. In defense: Marion Torrent, Griedge Mbock, Wendie Renard, Amel Majri. In the middle: Elise Bussaglia, Henry Amandine, Grace Geyoro, Delphine Cascarino. In peak, Kadidiatou Diani. Left in the hall: Eugénie Le Sommer, our serial scorer!

Which team has impressed you the most since the beginning of the tournament? (@Françoise)

The Americans! For their offensive quality, this desire to have fast transitions, to always put rhythm, to have a length of bench that allows them to keep a competitive eleven.

What do you think of these penaltys refused by video refereeing and then removed? Is it justified? Why is it so different from men's football? (@Vince D)

It is good that this new law is enforced. It worked in our favor. It was cruel for the Nigerians, but the VAR applied the regulation to the letter. I would say the same thing if it had happened to France.

If you were to determine a difference in the game between your time (not so distant) and the present, what would it be? Have a good day ! (@Sannou)

Today there is more technical quality, a collective talent and complete individual profiles, which augur well for our team in France. Much more aggression and modularity in tactical choices. The players of today are able to evolve at any position. Have a good day too !

Eugenie Le Sommer will beat (one day) your team goals record in France. Not too disgusted? (@anonymous)

Not at all ! On the contrary, I wait for it at the turn. Eugenie promised me her signed shirt once she reached this record. Records are set to be beaten. This one lasts since 2007! This would be proof that our scorer is successful in our team of France, which would allow us to continue the competition serenely.

Why are women so often coached by men? We have the impression that there are few female coaches at the World Cup … (@anonymous)

If I'm not mistaken, there are 9 coaches (out of 24 teams). Let's not forget that we have to talk about skills and not about sex. We do not arrive at the head of a national selection by chance, it must be proven in the youth selections or in the championships.

Can we change the salary of women footballers soon? (@Chacha)

I think so. But the difficulty is that the economy generated by our women's football does not reach that of men yet. We are slowly catching up, in order to move towards an evolution. The danger would be to become like boys and forget our values!

What do you think of the topic of the TF1 news this afternoon on the Women's World Cup? It is, according to some, a sexism ... (@anonymous)

Indeed, this has no place to be. We can criticize, but the subject is somewhat reductive and refers us to the stereotypes against which we have been fighting forever. (to make an opinion, the sequence is to see here).

Hello, the matches of the Blue are very followed now, what should you do in order for this interest to extend for the Women's League 1? (@Jules)

Continue its momentum, that is to say, achieve a good competition and surf the important media coverage of the broadcaster, which has put a lot of resources to ensure the widest audience. For this, we must already think about having a competitive league, and avoid having only four interesting matches. The Federation could financially help some clubs to build competitive teams.

Hello, how do you explain the difference in attitude between footballers and footballers? No or few disputes, no simulations, no show (in women) … (@François)

The difference is that there is no concept of entertainment and economy that counts among women. They play primarily for fun, performance and do not seek to attract the spotlight of media for game facts, outside or in the field.

I did not see pictures of girls on cookie packs, but that guys. Too sad that brands do not believe in you. Business or sexism? (@anonymous)

I do not completely agree. Between 2011, 2015 and 2019, there has been an incredible evolution in media coverage and brand interest. Colt makes commercials on television. I saw spots with Valérie Gauvin for Sosh on niches with a lot of audience. We can not ask to be on cans because we have not yet proven ourselves. Hope we are on the right track!

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