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Luka Jovic: "I'm sure I made the best decision" | sports


Jovic poses next to Florentino Pérez with the Madrid jersey during his presentation. In video, statements by Jovic.

Luka Jovic he is a concentrated man, or at least of contained gestures. During his presentation this morning with Real Madrid there were few smiles, his tone hardly vibrated and his rictus always remained firm, straight, undaunted. The morning around the Santiago Bernabéu, which opened its doors for several thousand fans to take seats waiting to receive their new footballer, dawned warm, preveraniega, which helped the act acquired a festive dimension greater than expected.

Dressed in a suit, with the tie firmly knotted and a matching scarf on the lapel, Luka Jovic showed up at what will be his new home like a brush, with his jaws tight, a vice he did not lose even when signing his new contract (60 million he pays for Madrid at Eintracht Frankfurt) until June 2025, or his first hand in hand with the microphone. In Serbian he claimed to be "the happiest kid in the world", and he was convinced that he had accepted the right challenge at his mere 21 years. "I'm sure I made the best decision and I'm going to give everything to help Madrid win more trophies."

Short dress, and wearing a shirt with his name but still no dorsal, then jumped to the lawn of the Bernabéu, where after distributing a dozen balls to a public delivered, he kissed the shield in all directions and angles in which sued He hit the ball with both feet and scored his first goal in an empty goal by a dry but accurate shot. Everything was going to be like that on Jovic's morning.

"This has not been the year we expected, and that is why we are going to react strongly in search of our historic obsession, which is victory," said Florentino Pérez. "We are talking about a striker who was wanted by several of the great clubs in Europe, to arrive at this stadium was one of your greatest dreams and that time as a Madrid player starts here. (…) This is the shirt with which we have been I said that you slept when you were little, "the Madrid president completed.

Stripped of footballer and re-dressed in that elegant armor of the early morning, at press conference Jovic tried to let go a little more, but not too much. "You can say I'm shy," he said. "I do not want to give a specific number of goals, just to say that I will try to give my best and play as long as possible." Consulted by its compatibility in attack with Benzema, the Serbian maintained the type. "I have not had the chance to speak with the coach yet, I've played as a second rider at Eintracht, alone or with another point, I do not care where I play, I'm here to fight and I hope I have time to prove it." (…) The competition is very big. Benzema is one of the best strikers in the world. When he arrived here I was 11 years old, so I hope to learn a lot from him. "

Regarding the bib that will look on the back, Jovic did not seem very worried. "The numbers do not play"; he said with the same tone, in the umpteenth response that did not exceed five seconds in length. Not even when it comes to explaining that episode of childhood that his president referred to. "It is true that I was sleeping with a Madrid shirt, it was given to me by a friend of my father, since I was a child I was a fan of Madrid because it is the biggest club in the world," he said. With what was especially sharp was at the time of assessing the alleged offers that would have received in addition to Real Madrid. "To be honest I have no idea if we have received more offers, it's something my manager has," he said. "I only know that when I arrived from Madrid I accepted it immediately."

Tomorrow the presentation of Eden Hazard is scheduled, in a sequence of events that will acquire more flight over the weeks. "He's one of the best players in the world and I'm looking forward to sharing a wardrobe with him." The Belgian has a reputation as a joker, so it will be curious to see how they mix both players. What is clear is that Jovic's speech gives little ground for guasa.

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