6:26 | Thursday 06 June 2019

Video and photos President of Brazil visits Neymar in hospital after being injured in front of Qatar


Brazilian President Javier Paulsonaro has visited the Nemger hospital in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, for a visit to Qatar. Elected to the Copa America 2019 competitions.

According to Brazilian reports, the president stayed in the hospital for 50 minutes and conducted several other interviews with his son, Flavio Paulsonaro. The doctors of the Seleção team, Rodrigo Asmar and Philip Khalil, also went to accompany the Brazil captain and reassure him.

"Neymar's visit to Nemger Hospital in Brasilia, I wish you a speedy and speedy recovery," the Brazilian president said on his official account on the Twitter social networking site with the player in the hospital.

In the first half of the game, the captain of the Brazilian team, the Paris Saint Germain team, and left the meeting in the 21st minute, after a severe injury to the right foot, after a strong intervention of Qatar's player "Asim Madibo" during his imagination Neymar him, He came out of the match amid great heartbreak and horror on the Brazilian fans.

The Brazilian national team won an easy win over Qatar in a friendly match at Nacional de Brasilia in preparation for the 2018 Copa America, which is due to kick off on April 15.

Brazil's first goal came from Richardson, England's Everton defender, in the 16th minute.

Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesús scored his second goal in the 24th minute.

The Brazil team is at the top of Group A in Cuba, America, being the host of the tournament, which includes clubs from Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru, while Qatar are in the third group, which included Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay.

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