Football Football: the crazy year of Hugo Lloris

Football: the crazy year of Hugo Lloris


A year after the coronation, the European consecration? Hugo Lloris has had an eventful season but Tottenham's French goalkeeper can finish on Saturday in the Champions League final against Liverpool. The dream of a "crazy year" for him.

Between supreme trophy conquered in Russia, repetitive balls and legal setbacks, the captain of the Blues and Spurs has been caught in a frenzied whirlwind since July 15, 2018. Eleven months later, his Tottenham caress with his fingertips a first title in Champions League Saturday at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, where no one expected to meet the team of Mauricio Pochettino.

"Here we are in the final"

"This year was crazy," admitted Lloris after the stunning semifinal won in extremis against Ajax (0-1, 3-2). "After three games in the group stage, we were practically eliminated, and now we are in the final," said the Frenchman.

Lloris did not always shine this season but Tottenham has multiplied the exploits, like a Quarterback Quarterback C1 crazy on the lawn City (4-3). Not really convincing on the first two goals conceded, he was then interposed against De Bruyne and Aguero.

A beautiful summary of his season, as the road has been tortuous since he raised the World Cup with the Blues. First there was this injury to a thigh, resulting in a month off to start the new season. Then followed this conviction by a court to 20 months suspension of driving license intoxicated. And then, there was this autumn filled with blunders globally, especially in the Champions League.

Anyway, at 32, the porter of the Blues tends to make the mistake too much after a good stop or, conversely, to catch up with class after a difficult passage.


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