News Football owed Champions to Klopp (or not)

Football owed Champions to Klopp (or not)


Klopp celebrates the triumph.

If football was like theLannisterand he always paid his debts, he was going to be buying his clothes in Ardos Balances for the rest of his life. There are not enough trophies for everything you owe. Look at the commitments you have acquired only in this Champions: you owe one toPochettinobecause it seems nice and another toSissokofor that hand that will cause nightmares; still owes one toGuardiolapost Barça and another oneMessipost dominance of Madrid, because football understood as poetry that feeds the soul demands it; he has not yet paid the round to Atleti, which is already an hour, and those happy guys from Ajax also deserved a prize; with Madrid I think it is up to date, although yesterday my Real Madrid friends felt like someone was making love in their bed, but it turns out thatFernando llorentehe also considers that he has a Champions pending. God knows the reason, but let it be recorded in the record.

At least, the final anticlimactic between Liverpool and Tottenham, which lasted the 26 seconds it tookSkominain whistling a penalty that makes no sense to argue because nobody knows what is a hand and what is not, it served so that this unfair and defaulter football paid one of its main debts: the Champions that owed it toKloppafter two finals (and another Europa League) lost. Because who can think that a final can be lost? Injustice! Pay that tall and nice man already.

Seriously, of all the clichés and lies that plague soccer, none like those supposed debts. He does not owe a Champions League to Atleti or a World Cup to the Netherlands asCharlize TheronHe does not owe me a short coffee no matter how hard I want it. In football, no merits are made, goals are scored. To be able to be, more than the rival. And if not, it will be again. That imaginary debt is another unpleasant effect of the current sports culture, which has demonized defeat instead of assuming it as a law of life. No matter the way, only the outcome: the second is a failure, you owe me, you owe me, you owe me.

The best of Klopp, and it is difficult to choose, is that he has always understood the great truth of this game: that losing is normal and the only thing you can do after a loss is to try again. In the previous one, questioned by his previous dislikes and the stigma of that pending account, he answered with a simplicity that today is revolutionary: "But I always reach the final. I'm a lucky guy. " And he started laughing. Today is champion. Not because he was owed, but because he is a sensational technician. As sensational as two days ago.

A year ago he lost against Madrid and did not pout. He continued working and retouching his wonderful work. I use the money, which for something has it, to start playing with goalkeeper, polished two magnificent sides and consolidated in the eliteVan Dijk,SalahYMané. That defeat was just one more step in an unfinished journey, just as this victory is. The normality with which the German assumed his bad days only magnifies his success. Because football owed nothing to Klopp, but it is a joy that such a guy triumphs. He is lucky, Liverpool more.

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