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Fabián Coito: 'Alejandro Reyes, I liked it when I saw him in Olympia' – Ten


The Honduran national team coach tells the sensations that there are a few hours of traveling to Jamaica for the start of the Gold Cup. He explains why he decided to take the Concacaf tournament to Alejandro Reyes and not Kevin López.

Explain that the lack of goal is anxiety and work must be done to recover the sense of smell. He has good references from Jamaica, the first opponent and explains that he would have loved to take Rigoberto Rivas to the Gold Cup.


How are those hours before the trip to Jamaica to face their first official match?
Very relaxed. Glad that comes a competition of this magnitude and with the logical anxiety that always exists in sport and competition exists.
But with more than anything desire to get together with the players and start preparing, leaving behind these three friendlies that have happened, that serve to draw conclusions in face of this that we have so important that is the Gold Cup.

Speaking of drawing conclusions that left him beyond the win against Brazil, what benefit did he leave?
Of course, it is far from the result we were looking for, I would say that they left some positive things, for example, never give up trying, always believe that from the inside is how we can really change the process of a match.
Try it beyond the difficulty that we found when carrying out the game we had imagined and also the pain and the feeling left by losing a football game against a great rival for a bulky marker. When you live in your own flesh and when you suffer in this way a sports result is much stronger than a message, then we also have to draw conclusions, not only from the football aspect of the opponent we face, but from what generates a match that we play and that has adverse results.

Taking into account that you did not score more than one on a set piece, is there something special that you work with or is it something that will happen in the days that are missing?
I think we have good players in attack. What we need is to put together a good collective expression so that the team can convert. I totally agree, the number of goals has been low and even the situations we had, they were not an important number, for what I believe that as a team we should have.
Logically that is overcome with work, setting up game circuits, resorting to those circuits, putting each player in the place that suddenly can do better for the benefit of the team. The theme of the goal is also emotional, there are times when it is easy to convert and there are others that cost, but you have to repeat it, prepare it, train it and also predispose the player who will also arrive.

How concerned or busy is Jamaica, its first rival?
Busy in preparing, in knowing him, in seeing what are his strategies and defensive circuits, in what way he has the procedures of attacks, how his attack scheme arms how he defends and in that we are observing fundamentally the last match they played against the United States that They produced a very positive result.
That is the task of the coach of what they can come to present us in this first game of the Gold Cup.

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The coach of the Honduras National Team attending the team of DIEZ at the hotel of H.

Did these three friendlies leave you with a clear lesson about what the Honduran soccer player is and what he can give him in some circumstances of the matches?
Yes, we tried and it went well. We recovered top, we quickly made the ball, we unfolded, we put people in attack until the goal came, there are interesting things.
The first 30 minutes against Brazil aside from being 2-0 are not to be ruled out. The team moved under a criterion we had, there were specific errors, they are part of the game and are the responsibility of the coach.
But you had to see the players, you had to put them in play to see how they responded and there are positive things that we are going to support to put together a little the idea and the strategy with which we will get to the Jamaica game.

Did you hope to recover Andy Najar because of how different it is?
Things did not happen, what is left now is that he recovers and comes back as soon as possible, that the player who plays him to do it in the best way and know that we have in Europe for our selection a very important player which is than to recover it in the first instance and wait until the moment of being recovered to reincorporate it.

Alejandro Reyes, I imagine that he filled that expectation to you to be able to supply it or is thinking about the U-23
It's a bit of everything, I liked it when I saw it in Olympia, it has good handling, it connects the midfield with the attack very well, it can play inside and out, it is a very interesting player who passes balls and enables the forwards with very good intention, always doing damage to the rival, let's say that it is a characteristic little similar to Alex Lopez.
There we reinforced that sector a little and also thinking about the sub-23 in which we live important experiences and also because we have in a few days a competition for them and we want them to arrive in good conditions.

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Coach Fabián Coito when talking to DIEZ about the Gold Cup explaining his goals.

All this told me earlier weighed on Kevin Lopez, a player with more experience because the debate is open?
It could be, Alejandro was with us, Kevin had already been, it was a little doubt, Kevin is still part of the group and at any time we consider it again.

If this afternoon you played the first game against Jamaica in your mind, you already have a definite 11?
Yes of course. From today we will start working with some positions where we will see who arrives in better conditions.

Are you one of those who maintain the base or do you like rotations a little?
I like that the soccer player feels what role and what responsibility he has within the group, without relieving anyone, but yes, I am not changing for a change.

When he says 'I'm not changing for a change', there are soccer players in Honduras who were generally untouchable.

Yes I think so. It's like we've talked so much, the truth is there, is on the court, of course there are players who are a great contribution outside the field, on a daily basis, in the conviction in the confidence of the player and those are very important to capture an idea, but logically that every player must ratify that importance when it comes to acting within the field that ultimately is the big moment.

Would you have liked to have Rigo Rivas in the Gold Cup?
Of course. I spoke with Rigoberto, I told him, the truth when I made the list of 40 I did not know him, when I saw him I was pleasantly surprised, but there was no time to incorporate it and he understood it of course. Neither let us imagine that he is a low-level footballer, but of course if he could have considered it for the Gold Cup.

He recently had the visit of Jonathan Rubio and was able to talk to him.
Yes too. A footballer who shortened deadline will integrate the selections, I find that experience of footballers in Europe very interesting, it forces us to acquire concepts of the game, to think the game, the game is to run, think and interpret it and relate it to a known situation and it seems to me that Europe in that sense is more advanced to America.

Finally, what is the aspiration in this Gold Cup because many say it is going to make a better presentation than the previous one?
What I want, like every time we get together to play matches at the national team level, is to strengthen the idea of ​​the image we are representative of a country.
Have a game that allows us to get closer to winning games and achieve the result. It is a lie that goes to a game and does not want to get a sports result, what is at stake is the result, therefore, what we want is to win to be able to go closer to the decisive instance that is that game reserved for both better selections and we will try.

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