News Details of the complaint of Amr Fahmy, which caused...

Details of the complaint of Amr Fahmy, which caused the arrest of Ahmed Ahmed in France


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Omar Fahmi, the former secretary-general of the African Football Confederation [CAF] and an article from his post a few months ago, filed an official complaint with the International Federation of the Game against Ahmed Ahmed, the head of CAF, which led to the arrest of the latter on Thursday morning.

He learned El-Ahly.comSaid that Amr Fahmy's complaint summed up Ahmed Ahmed's loss of money to the African Union during his term as CAF president. He pointed out that the marketing department in CAF had agreed with PUMA to provide CAF with sports equipment for the Cup of Nations in January 2018 in Morocco.

The complaint of Amr Fahmy Ahmed Ahmed agreed with Puma on 14 December 2017 to bring some of the tools that will need CAF in the tournament for the payment of 312 thousand euros, and four days later to cancel that agreement on the grounds that he wants to be an agreement with Adidas and not Puma .

After the CAF secretariat canceled the deal and forced them to pay 105,000 euros as a penalty for Puma, Ahmed Ahmed refused to pay that amount. The CAF secretariat on the same day requested the same equipment from a French company called Tactical Steel.

As far as he knows El-Ahly.comAmr Fahmy has stated in his complaint that Tactical Steel is an intermediate company that does not manufacture the tools but acts as an agent to supply them. The company is supposed to supply KAF with these tools from Adidas, asserting that the French company's CEO Romua Sailer is a close friend of Wick Girland , Ahmed Ahmed's first assistant.

Kef had agreed with Tactical Steel to pay $ 1.2 million. KAF transferred the money to a company called Serene Hydrafat in Turkey, despite the headquarters of France's Tattetial Steel.

Amr Fahmy confirmed at the end of his complaint that Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed caused the African Football Confederation to fined about 830,000 dollars for no reason.

The French authorities had arrested Ahmed Ahmed on Thursday at his residence in Paris, France, in order to question him on charges of involvement in corruption cases accused of Amr Fahmy.

FIFA responded to the move by asking the French authorities to inform him of some information about the details of the incident, stressing his support for all steps and actions that eliminate corruption in the world of football.

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