Decathlete Kai Kazmirek dominates in Ratingen with 8,444 points

Decathlete Kai Kazmirek dominates in Ratingen with 8,444 points


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With two good and even days Kai Kazmirek has won the decathlon in Ratingen. The championship third secured a strong 8,444 points and clearly prevailed before Basile Rolnin (France). Thus Kai Kazmirek increased the German annual best performance of Niklas Kaul by 108 points.

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Nils Kruse the fastest, Kai Kazmirek collects 8,444 points

The decathletes mobilized in summer heat once again all forces over the final 1,500 meters. In the lead, Nils Kruse (LG Karlsruhe region) stormed into the finish line after 4: 29.33 minutes as the first among the cheers of the approximately 3,000 spectators in Ratingen. Behind Fynn Zenker (SSV Ulm 1846, 4: 31.44 min) and Jannis Wolff (Aachen TG, 4: 40.34 min) Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied) followed in 4: 41.72 minutes. Thus collected the World Cup third 8,444 points.

He was clearly in the overall standings ahead of Basile Rolnin. The Frenchman lurched completely exhausted after 4: 50,53 minutes to the finish. Thus, the 25-year-old put down a point. Because with 8,205 points of the World Cup standard exceeded by five counters. His best performance increased Basile Rolnin by 128 points. Third place in the decathlon was secured by South African Fredriech Pretorius (7,872 points). This was followed by Dennis Hutterer (ASC Darmstadt, 7,653 points), Fynn Zenker (SSV Ulm 1846, 7,536 points) and Jannis Wolff (Aachen TG, 7,527 points).


Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied, winner with 8,444 points):
On the whole, it was very positive. Only in the end, in the javelin throw and over 1,500 meters, it did not work out as hoped. But I had real highlights with the long jump, the 400 meters and the pole vault. The hurdles were great too. We know what we have to work on. But we also know where our strengths lie.

Mathias Brugger (SSV Ulm 1846, DNF):
The pole vault was very difficult. Already the jump did not work out. In the competition I was then too close to the first attempt, the second too far away. At the third attempt, I did not stab right. So the three invalid came together. This is a pity, because I was clearly on course high season, even the World Cup standard of 8,200 points was possible. Now the World Cup will take place without me. But another highlight is still on: I marry this year. I'll definitely be back next year. Then the focus is on the Olympic standard for Tokyo.

Basile Rolnin's only 60-meter thrower

The setback in the pole vault has coped well with Basile Rolnin. The Frenchman threw the spear for the first time over 60 meters. After exactly 60.00 meters in the second attempt he was followed by 61.60 meters in the third attempt. His best performance was increased by just 3.24 meters. Accordingly, the joy was great at 25-year-olds. For him, the World Cup standard of 8,200 points with a solid 1,500-meter race for him is possible.

No other athlete surpassed the 60-meter mark in Ratingen. So, second place went to Fredriech Pretorius (59.25 meters) with 59.25 meters (South Africa, 59.25 m). Behind them followed two young German decathletes: Tom-Lucas Greiner (LAC Erfurt top team) increased his best performance by almost five meters to 58.14 meters, followed by Jannis Wolff (Aachen TG, 57.50 m). Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied, 56.95 m) took fifth place. Mathias Brugger (SSV Ulm 1846) did not compete in the pole vault after his "Salto Nullo" in the pole vault.

With that, Kai Kazmirek is clearly leading the way in the final 1,500 meter race. If the World Cup third place under 4: 33.00 minutes, he will surpass the 8,500-point mark for the second time after the Olympic decathlon 2016 in Rio (8,580 points) in his career. At his 2017 World Cup bronze medal in London he collected 8,488 points.

Plenty of points for Kai Kazmirek, "Salto Nullo" for Mathias Brugger

The pole vault, as so often in the decathlon, was an executioner: while Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied) mastered his entry height of 4.70 meters confidently, his strongest competitors suffered severe setbacks. Five-meter jumper Basile Rolnin (France) managed at least in the third attempt his entry height of 4.50 meters. Mathias Brugger (SSV Ulm), however, suffered a "somersault" at 4.60 meters. A top ranking in Ratingen and the possible World Cup standard of 8,200 points were thus obsolete.

Things went better for Kai Kazmirek: All heights including 5.10 meters he took without problems in the first attempt. After his sparkling jump his coach Jörg Roos and DLV pole vault team leader Christina Adams congratulated appreciatively. Only 5.20 meters – synonymous with the setting of his best performance – were too high for Kai Kazmirek in two attempts. Just like 5.30 meters, where he once tried. Second best pole vaulter was Felix Hepperle (LG Neckar-Enz) with 5.00 meters, followed by Fynn Zenker. The Ulmer equaled exactly his best with 4.90 meters.

Despite the setback, Basile Rolnin remains Kai Kazmirek's first pursuer in the standings. With 6,828 points, he ranks 254 points behind the Olympic fourth after eight disciplines. New third is after 4.80 meters with the staff Fredriech Pretorius (South Africa) with 6.514 points. 21 points behind is Dennis Hutterer (ASC Darmstadt), who also mastered 4.80 meters.

Basile Rolnin lets the disc fly to 50.62 meters

His lanky figure does not reveal it. But Basile Rolnin was in the youth class a good discus thrower, the Frenchman started even at the 2011 U18 World Championships in Lille (France) in this discipline, but dropped out in qualifying. Only later, the 25-year-old concentrated on the all-around. Basile Rolnin proved in Ratingen that he still can handle the discus. In the last attempt he hurled the two-kilo disc at 50.62 meters. Thus, he set in the seventh discipline to his fifth best performance and celebrated the top distance hilariously.

The closest to the French came Dennis Hutterer (ASC Darmstadt) with 47.18 meters. Behind it Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied, 44.71 m) and Mathias Brugger (SSV Ulm 1846, 44.54 m) also provided strong distances and improved significantly compared to their Götzis results. In fifth, Fredriech Pretorius (South Africa) increased his best by just one meter to 43.63 meters.

In the overall standings Kai Kazmirek is still in the lead. With 6,141 points separate him 73 counters from Basile Rolnin. If the championship third can deliver three more solid disciplines, he can even score 8,500 points. Behind him, Basile Rolnin is on his way to raise his house record of (still) 8,087 points by at least 250 points. For Mathias Brugger, the World Cup standard for Doha (8,200 points) remains within reach.

Kai Kazmirek and Mathias Brugger score with strong hurdles

Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied) made a perfect start to the second decathlon day at the 23. Stadtwerke-Mehrkampfmeeting in Ratingen at 9:30 am with temperatures of "only" 25 degrees. The World Championship third took advantage of the good conditions with tailwind (+2.2 m / sec), took the ten obstacles over 110 meters hurdles elegant and stormed after 14,14 seconds to the finish. His best time missed the police commissioner by only nine hundredths, but he increased his season best time by 25 hundredths. "The first day was tough, after the 400 meters I was determined 30 minutes in the stadium. It went well this morning, "Kai Kazmirek said after the kick-off into the second day.

In his slipstream, Mathias Brugger also showed a strong performance. With 14.26 seconds, the Ulmer also increased his season record. In third, Basile Rolnin (France), who was strong on the first day, came in 14.34 seconds up to a hundredth of his best time. Less luck had his compatriot Gael Querin. The good hurdler sprinter came fully into the first obstacle and crashed.

In the overall standings Kai Kazmirek extended his lead by hurdling victory with 5,380 points to 195 points against Basile Rolnin. For both, after the strong sixth discipline even the international Olympic standard for Tokyo 2020 of 8,350 points within reach. Ranked third with 5,099 points Mathias Brugger. If the Ulmer good by its "Götzis problem discipline" discus throw, for him even the World Cup standard of 8,200 points could still be possible.


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