Benfica makes public the offer of Atlético by Joao Félix

Benfica makes public the offer of Atlético by Joao Félix

Benfica has informed the Portuguese Securities Market Commission that Atlético has offered 126 million euros for the transfer of Joao Felix. The Portuguese club, just like the other big teams of their country, Oporto and Sporting, are obliged to report their financial transactions when they are listed on the stock exchange.

The rescission clause of the Portuguese player is 120 million euros, but according to the Portuguese entity to the Commission of the Securities Market of his country, Atletico will pay the transfer in installments. The six million difference is interest for deferred payment.

The announcement of the offer is the first step to announce the transfer of the 18-year-old footballer, who must be approved by the Portuguese Stock Market. It is a procedure that will precede the definitive transfer.

The 126 million that Atletico will pay for him means that Portuguese is the most expensive signing in the club's history and the fourth most expensive in history.

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