News Amr Warda's first response to "Sex Video"

Amr Warda's first response to "Sex Video"


Egyptian player Amr Warda responded to the sex videos attributed to him and described them as "fabricated" in comments to the site «in the Joule».

Amr Warda accused people of fabricating videos that spread and caused him to be excluded from the Pharaonic camp in the African Cup of Nations.

"I swear by God that all the videos that are being traded are fabricated," Warda said. "This is what I have been told by the technical staff, and all the players are standing with me."

The Board of Directors of the Football Association to exclude Amr Warda national team player from the ranks of the Pharaohs during the African Nations Cup in the framework of maintaining the state of discipline and commitment and focus on the team, according to the statement of the Football Association.

Proud of anger among the pioneers of social networking sites after a Mexican girl published sexual conversations for the Egyptian player Amr Warda, and video clips of him, where the images received the conversations attributed to Egyptian player Amr Warda popular among the pioneers of social networking sites.

The pioneers of «Twitter» Hashtag under the title # Deer Warda of the team, because of the repeated harassment of the same player, despite the passage of two days on his first scandal with the Egyptian model "Merhan".

The Egyptian Football Federation has decided to exclude Amr Warda from the Egyptian team and deny him participation in the 2019 African Nations Cup.

The reason for the exclusion of Amr Warda from the camp of the Egyptian team to the facts of behavior and accused a number of girls to harass them.

The director of the national team, Ihab Lehita, that the decision was made to exclude Amr Warda after consulting with the technical and administrative staff of the team, according to comments to the site of Yalla Koura.

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