News 10.06, the main events of the qualifying stage of...

10.06, the main events of the qualifying stage of Euro 2020, Klasson was injured


Krasnodar midfielder Klasson injured

Maxim Eremin
Maxim Eremin

Another player "Krasnodar" was injured. Perhaps very serious

The main selection events for Euro 2020.


In the match with the Spaniards for the Swedes everything turned out just awful. In the first half, they lost Viktor Klasson due to injury, while in the second half they conceded three goals. It is especially insulting that two of the three goals were scored from the penalty spot. The Swedish team caught up with Romania, and Klasson risks no longer enter the field this year. There is a suspicion that after a collision with Jordi Alba Swede "crosses".

Luxembourg again surprised and missed just one goal away from Ukraine. And given the home victory over Lithuania, the recent dwarf takes the second place in the group and is above Serbia and Portugal !!! Well, honestly, the opponents have a game in hand. The Serbs have one, and the Portuguese already have two. But in the country Olivier tilla all the same, there have been football shocks. He, by the way, played 90 minutes and received a yellow card.

Perhaps, Montenegro and Bulgaria can be called the main disappointments of this European selection. And those and others did not win a single game and close group A, letting forward even the national team of Kosovo. Just to her, the Bulgarians lost in their field – with Kostadinov and Popov in the composition. The player of "Rostov" scored – then he did not know that in vain so happy about his goal.

The most productive match of the day was in Denmark, where the local team hosted Georgia. The Danes made the first two games in a draw, but by the third round they got together and won big, rushing to catch up with the fleeing Ireland. Eriksen realized a penalty, scoring 21 goals in the last 29 matches for the national team – even here he didn’t keep Gia Grigalava. It seems that someone really wants to "Real".


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