01:14 PM

Friday 31 May 2019


A battle between Islam warrior and Ramadan Sobhi caught on the sidelines of Maran Al Ahli, which was held on Thursday evening as part of preparations for the resumption of the Premier League championship.

An official source told "Masrawy" that the battle began by demanding each player of the latter to pass.

"Busy, good, you are not going to fly," said Ramadan, who began his dialogue with a source who refused to be identified before verbal exchanges and clashes began.

And a warrior said to Ramadan, "Do you think of yourself, who are you?"

The source added that the battle caught fire immediately after the last sentence and the pair of verbal words and clashed hands and the intervention of their colleagues to separate them.

And ended the source and stressed that the process of separation between the bilateral efforts and attempts by Ahli players to increase the frequency of the clash.

Sayed Abdelhafiz, director of football Ahli decided to sign a huge fine amounted to 100 thousand pounds, according to the source.



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