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Andrea Nahles has had to fight in her 13 months as SPD chairman many a battle. For what you could now threaten, it is left out, jokes – and seems to believe that things are different than many think. She'll have to fill at least one Cabinet post soon, and if things are going badly, it's about herself too.

After the coalition committee, on Wednesday it celebrates the concessions it has made from the Union, designed to put a stop to the exploitation of parcel delivery agents. "Parcel services that rely on subcontractors must be liable for their violations of the law. This gives the deliverers much more security, "emphasizes Nahles. Wholesalers like Amazon should not be able to talk out, if social contributions are not paid. For the fact that she is junior partner in the coalition, the SPD continues to bring out a lot – it started with the red paint of the coalition agreement.

But the heart for parcel deliverers is a small topic, in addition Nahles unite with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the great concern that the foreign policy situation could get out of hand and escalate the crisis between the US and Iran to a conflagration. The federal government is trying to influence Iran via all channels in order to avoid a second Syria and possible new refugee movements to Europe.

The FDP is already demanding that the border protection agency Frontex be immediately upgraded to a genuine European border protection agency with its own powers and personnel to be prepared. The situation is serious – but it is also in the party, again. But just the escalation in the Middle East could also act disciplining.

So far, no big SPD-Schützenhilfe for Europe's Social Democrats

Much is just the "Kassandra" calls the speech – especially Olaf Scholz warns of those blacks and Falschsehern, looking at the general situation, the federal budget and the party. Wrong, one hopes in the SPD top, all the doomsday scenarios for the SPD on that 26 may be May. Attention is focused on how the Social Democrats, at least in some other EU countries, are gaining ground. And new EU Commission President might end up being Dutch Social Democrat Frans Timmermans instead of Bayern Manfred Weber.

However, he can not hope for big support from Germany. Katarina Barley sacrifices herself as a national top candidate in the election campaign – Timmermans is the European top candidate – but she does not have the kind of sparking message.

In a commercial she sits with Scholz in a café that pays neat taxes, while the US chain next door with tricks avoid taxes. Global minimum taxation now, is the SPD requirement. A pretty utopian demand.

On posters, Barley smiles in a European pullover and on selfies with ordinary citizens, with the slogan "Europe is the answer": But what is the answer of the Social Democrats when they land at 16 percent on May 26, as surveys say? And even more so if they lose Bremen for the first time, the red stronghold, against a very idiosyncratic CDU challenger Carsten Meyer-Heder? It speaks for the infirmity of this once great People's Party, that at least party leader Nahles and Scholz would then apparently just like to continue like this.

Successor to Barley in the Ministry of Justice wanted

The only thing that is clear is that after election day, a new Minister of Justice will be needed as Barley will move to Brussels for the European Parliament. Who could follow her? Wanted is a female lawyer. The Rhineland-Palatinate Education Minister Stefanie Hubig, who was already Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice, has waved off. Nancy Faeser, the designated Landschefin the Hesse SPD, should be in the game.

Eva Högl, Vice-President of the Bundestag faction, is also a lawyer. But her regional association Berlin is already represented in the cabinet with Franziska Giffey. To be sure, some comrades think that the party can no longer afford a luxury in the crisis like country subsidies. The current Secretary of State and former vice-government spokeswoman Christiane Wirtz is also mentioned. But she can not show any party career.

Family Minister Giffey 2018 was the surprise in the staff table of the SPD. She is close to the people and benefits from her time as district mayor in Berlin-Neukölln. For a long time, she has also acted as a candidate for the post of governing mayor in Berlin in order to keep the SPD in power in the capital. However, the overall picture that the plagiarism reviewers of the Vroniplag Wiki platform have made of Giffey's dissertation does not look good for the SPD hopefuls. Since the allegations became known, a number of documents for plagiarism were added, 119 to 205 pages.

The title of Giffey's thesis at the FU Berlin reads: "Europe's way to citizens – The European Commission's policy on civil society participation." The test may take months, but withdrawal from the doctorate would put them under massive pressure, the consequence to pull and resign. CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer reminded with biting accuracy on the weekend that the SPD in the plagiarism cases Karl-Theodor von Guttenberg (CSU) and Annette Schavan (CDU) had set tough standards. She assumes that "the SPD applies the same standards to its own minister, which it has applied to the Union Ministers," the party leader warned.

Andrea Nahles are charged with bad poll numbers

While Scholz and Nahles call for calm, others are nervous. They fear the slow imploding of the party. The former SPD leader Martin Schulz makes his own European election campaign, ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has expressed his opinion on the appearance and economic expertise of Andrea Nahles, the former party leader Sigmar Gabriel shines with its own reform proposals for a rescue of the social market economy.

In the background, Vice-Group Leader Achim Post seems to be probing his chances in the case of electoral defeats on 26 May. Some in the SPD expect Nahles could then hand over the faction post to give a sign of insight and a fresh start. In their environment, however, such speculations are described as outlandish. Especially as post in a parliamentary group in which the parliamentary left (PL) is very strong, could hardly be enforced.

The SPD party and parliamentary group leader has not recently found the strength to stop the collectivization approach of Juso boss Kevin Kühnert – the economic liberal wing reacted stunned. And in polls, it went downhill rather then. Does the SPD tip still keep its ear on the pulse of time? She looks in the jerk to the left her salvation. Nahles has managed to pacify the since Gerhard Schröder smoldering Hartz IV debate by a welfare state concept. But whether it will ever come and is affordable, is another matter.

But she is especially blamed for the appearance and the lousy polls. A member of parliament is representative of quite a few in the faction, when she says: "It will not continue." From defensive reactions to Nahles in the constituencies is reported. But as with the crises before, their biggest ally is the lack of alternatives: There does not seem to be anyone who insists on being a convincing alternative.


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