Police and prosecutors in Schweinfurt investigate the discovery of two bodies in the Lower Franconian community Bergrheinfeld on suspicion of homicide.

The investigators said a witness told the police on Tuesday morning at seven o'clock that a man had killed his wife who was separated from him.

Is one of the victims an ex-team telecom cyclist?

At the scene, officials then discovered the body of a 53-year-old. "In the basement of the building, where a fire had spread, lay the body of a 41-year-old," said the police.

The investigators currently assume a relationship, possibly in connection with a suicide. "There are currently no indications that a third person was involved in the crime," they said. "The exact sequence of events is still the subject of the investigation," said a spokeswoman for the police star,

Murder and fire investigators are still on Wednesdays at the scene in action to secure tracks. The autopsy of the bodies is not yet complete.

According to consistent media reports, the male dead is a former professional cyclist of Team Telekom, which is said to have participated in Germany in the Olympic Games. Police, prosecutors and the municipality did not want to express themselves on request with regard to the personal rights to the identity of the victims.

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Video: crossbow case: possibly killing on request and suicide

Source: Police Headquarters Lower Franconia


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