Quentin Lespiaucq, hooker and captain

What feeling do you have on this match won 22-0?

Q.L. : We do not have the feeling of having deserved it because this match we do not control it at all. Today we do not take a point but we feel very well that it can switch from one side to the other until the 70th minute. After they have two tries refused, we will not hide it, we were hot. The offensive bonus on the siren is fun. We now know that next year we will evolve into Top 14.

This season has been complicated to manage …

Q.L. : It is mentally and physically useless. It's even a horrible season to live from within. We make a start to the season that saves us with a win in Agen and Grenoble and we have a good start to the year 2019, we take the bonus against the UBB. I hope we will finish on a good note against Stade Français in the next match …

How did you feel before and during this match?

Q.L. : I was a little angry at the warm up because I felt a little sleepy. This first half not mastered, we did not move, we did not move, we leave the ball in Grenoble, we suffered a little, and it reflected what we had done at the warm-up. After the fifteen on the ground internalized all a little not to thwart …

Thibault Daubagna, scrum half

Looking forward to finishing this season?

T.D .: Yes it was a complicated season. There is psychological and mental fatigue, we were not used to this kind of scenario in the Pau Section, with events not necessarily positive … It was hard to find confidence after these defeats. Still, it's a season that ends at home on a high note. It feels good to be maintained and we will be able to leave on vacation serenely …

How to explain this victory against Grenoble?

T.D .: We were rather realistic, we did not give up, the state of mind was good, even if we made a lot of mistakes, we knew how to catch up. There are for example the two or three tests we save on our line. It could have had more point is a certainty but we knew how to support where it hurt to be able to win …

Top 14 - Thibault Daubagna (Pau)

Top 14 – Thibault Daubagna (Pau)Icon Sport

What were the lessons of this year?

T.D .: I think of some games outside where we take too many points. Even if we lose the game, there must always be positive to pull … The sectors of the key where there have been recurring problems are to erase for next season. Defensively it will also have to work and not to take so many tests …

Is there a risk of trauma this season?

T.D .: Everyone will react in his own way. After this is a page that will turn to the club. First we have a manager who is gone, there are players will also leave when others will take their retirement. Next year the numbers will change. It will be necessary to return next season with new keys to succeed.

Interviewed by Dylan Munoz.

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