Tiger Woods, sued for the death of an employee

The golfer Tiger Woods Figure as responsible for the death of an employee of a restaurant owned by you in or
na demand presented on Monday and that pick up local media on Tuesday. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, both Woods and Erica Herman, the golfer's girlfriend and manager of the r

andThe Woods
, located in the town of Jupiter (Florida), are responsible for the death of Nicholas F. Immesberger, 24 years old.

The parents of the young man sued Woods, his partner and the restaurant, considering that Immesberger was served too much alcohol before leaving the premises and suffering a fatal traffic accident for this reason on December 10, 2018. The Immesberger marriage asks more than $ 15,000 in damages, newspaper reports Palm Beach Post, considering that Woods, Herman and restaurant staff knew his son was an alcoholic and that, in spite of this, they served him alcohol on a regular basis once his work shift was over.

The family of Nicholas F. Immesberger asks Woods more than $ 15,000 in damages

Immesberger died when the vehicle driving at high speed went off the road, according to a report by the Florida Highway Patrol. According to the lawsuit, the young man had a blood alcohol level of 0.256%, when the legal limit is 0.08%. The parents of the deceased assure that Herman knew Immesberger previously and knew of his problems with alcohol and still he hired him as a waiter and that he also talked about these problems with Woods.

The lawsuit states that "Tiger is individually responsible in this action because he participated individually in serving Immesberger alcohol", after days before the accident the young man was drinking in the company of Woods and Herman in the aforementioned venue.

The golfer, considered one of the best American athletes of all time, received last week the Medal of Freedom from the hands of US President Donald Trump. This recognition, the highest civilian honor in the United States in the White House, came days after Woods won the Masters of Augusta for the fifth time.

Immesberger worked as a waiter at The Woods and suffered from alcohol problems

This triumph came to culminate a return of the player to the elite of the world sport after several controversies, including a car accident after which he was arrested on suspicion that he had been driving under the influence of alcohol. In the drug and alcohol tests that the authorities carried out after his arrest, he was detected in blood a mixture of a sedative for anxiety, medicines for insomnia and THC, a substance found in marijuana.

The golfer, who, however, was negative in two breath tests performed on the same day, he took a program of guilt for first offenders that allowed him to pay a small fine in exchange for attending a course for drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Right now, Woods is in New York preparing the PGA Championship, the second Grand Slam tournament of the golf season. The competition will begin this Thursday in the fearsome field of Bethpage Black.

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