Sport "This year we could not raise a dream bigger...

"This year we could not raise a dream bigger than Europe"


Regarding the mood of Espanyol, Rubi commented that the dressing room is "very enthusiastic, very involved and wanting to maximize". The coach maintains what he said before the 36th day, that if they reach the full number of points in the last three days they will go to Europe or stay close by: "What happened in the last day is reaffirmed. I am Those who think that this can be done. I do not want to play to make a fortune teller, but rivals also have complicated matches. For Rubi, going to Europe would be "a pass." "We have been 12 years without going there, I do not I have been in life as the first coach. For many young players who have been defending this club for years, it would be a spectacular experience. This year we could not raise a bigger dream. We have always thought that the circumstance could be given go to europe

For the Maresmen coach, the most recent trend of the teams can mark this end of the season, although he pointed out that Athletic will be very close if Celta wins. "Everything we have done so far is left out. You are asking for a one-day effort, "commented Rubi, who warned of the difficulty of Butarque:" We are very confident in a very complicated field. It is a rival we do not like, with which we have not felt comfortable during the year. We have worked to try to see what has not worked for us in these games and to get a result of three points. "

Rubi went further in the analysis of the Leganés: "They are teams that press hard, very physical. We have other types of players, more players. The points always win with effort, but in our case it has been a lot of game play. When we did not make a good game, and we are not a team of direct games, we found ourselves uncomfortable in fields such as Getafe or Eibar. " The coach tried to spit his team: "We have to do it tomorrow, we must achieve it, because we are playing the possibility of having the stadium with a spectacular atmosphere." Rubi has valued very positively the fact of arriving at a final section of course "that is not flat in the sense that there is no motivation regarding the classification." The white-and-blue coach has no doubt that Athletic will look for the seventh place until the end: "They will prefer to play official matches that are friendly in the summer".

Rubi also referred to the self-sufficiency of players like Darder, who acknowledged that it was irregular and intermittent: "It can not be more self-exaggerating, sometimes it is crunching too much. He does not know the word 'conformist', and when he does a bad action sometimes he thinks he has done a bad game. It is positive, it wants to be better, make the most out of it and have everyone happy. We try to help you relativize some things. As with others, we look to focus attention on detail, we need to help him to relativize. " "Although we do not reach Europe, I hope we have enjoyed the way," added Rubi, who acknowledged that, although he found positive moments throughout his career, such as the rise of Huesca and the promotion of The rise of Girona, the moment is the "most exciting" moment as a professional.



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