Sport This is the footballer who seeks Simeone to replace...

This is the footballer who seeks Simeone to replace Griezmann


Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach, expressed his gratitude to Antoine Griezmann's "five wonderful years", insisted that he does not judge "the decisions of others", emphasized that the club is above all and announced that they will not look for a "super-made" footballer and a "crack" in the market to supply the French attacker. "First grateful. From Griezmann I have only words of thanks to the level he has given us, to what he has grown as a football player, as a person, I love him very much … And I learned in life that, at least from my place, I do not judge the decisions of others and you have to give everything without expecting anything. When one has given everything, as we have given the club and us to Antoine, we are calm, "he said." From the sporting point of view, he is a very important player in all this time, one of the most goalscorers in the history of Atlético de Madrid. Five wonderful years And I appreciate it I sincerely appreciate, because he has given us everything and I do not judge at all. And nobody, "said Simeone, who already knew the possibility of the French international leaving this summer at Atlético last Tuesday, then in the already famous meeting, called by the Atletico club, Griezmann announced that he will exercise his rescission clause. 125 million euros from July 1, when it drops to that amount from the current 200 million euros. "We needed, based on the effort that the club has made from the economic and sentimental with him and that we did from the sporting and from the personal thing for its growth, to speak with clarity, as people have to talk, and nobody loses time. It was to come together to see what their reality was. He was very clear and very forceful", reviewed the technician of the meeting on Tuesday." We knew it was an option. Obviously, I spoke with Antoine as he explained it before joining us with Miguel (Ángel Gil Marín, CEO) and Andrea (Berta, sports director). And from the affection and affection that I have, I told him absolutely everything I think. And what we told him will remain among us, "added Simeone, while the continuity of Rodrigo Hernández is also in doubt, with Manchester City willing to pay his rescission clause." I've talked a lot with him. In recent years, is the player who has adapted more to the team, with obviously many things to improve. I have no doubt that his growth is huge, "he explained." It makes me happy that powerful teams watch the growth that Villarreal has had to today, if they had not gone to look for him at Villarreal. The one who bet for him was Atlético de Madrid, with whom he has always been identified, he is very happy in Madrid and what we transmit to him is that he is 22 years old, a lot to improve, a lot of very important players go inside of the team and leave places to occupy. I have no doubt that the Saul, Rodrigo, Koke, Giménez, Oblak are the ones that are going to generate that. Today seems to move everything and you have to be calm because nothing moves, "warned the technician. Among many movements, plus the end of contract Diego Godín, Juanfran Torres and Filipe Luis, which gave the impression that he will not remain in the club is the only one of the three who has not yet announced that his time at Atlético is over -, Simeone sees the future: "Everything that comes before me is wonderful, I see a lot of illusion". "This is going to generate important changes, it's normal for these things to happen, when we renew them, we value them, and now we hope we have the eye to continue growing and continue competing as we have always done.", Simeone, who imagined when he signed his renewal, after the defeat by Real Madrid on 9 February, which could appear" all these situations. "" It is not that we signed thinking about something that we believed that I was going to continue in the same way. We knew the moment of Juanfran, of Filipe Luis, of what was happening with Godín, we knew of the possibility of Griezmann that he could leave, Lucas had already passed, the temptation of always the great players we have, like Rodrigo, it is the order of the day of all the powerful teams … ", he reviewed." We signed knowing that Atlético de Madrid is a club much bigger than all of us. Torres, Forlán, Agüero, Falcao, Manduzkic, Costa, Griezmann and Torres have always competed for the club, because the structure the club has at the moment is not the same as before. In the last ten years he has shown that the club is more important than all of us. "Simeone does not aspire to" convince anyone "to remain on the team, because" staying at Atlético de Madrid is a source of pride for the player he does it ", and he looks at the market:" We will look for players as a result of how we play and feel the need and the illusion to wear this shirt ". "It is clear that it is very difficult to bet on a player super made and 'crack', because we will not go looking for that player, we will look for a Griezmann as a result of Griezmann in the future. like came from the Real Sociedad, a Rodrigo like Villarreal wine, an Oblak when he came from Portugal so that later they are the footballer that he is, because we are that. And if we do not know, we have to go. As I'm still looking forward to all this, I'm still staying. "And the Atlético fan, Simeone says:" Give everything as it always has. In life we ​​have to give without waiting and for everything. Not only for soccer. I handle myself that way. I give without waiting. And the Atlético de Madrid fan is that. Da and from sports many times the players end up giving a lot, but you have to understand that this is also a job for them. When there are decisions, it is very difficult to judge them "

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