This can not be eliminated. Mai (Martí Molina)

Barça keep up this morning thinking about what happened. If he defeats Liverpool and eliminates the Champions League beautiful and desired They were really or a nightmare. They are very real, unfortunately a team that had to eat the world and that ended with the tail between legs. Once again, Europe has been an insurmountable barrier. But the worst part is the feeling that it was not the fault of the rival, but the fault of the same Barça.

Many coaches will feel disappointed after a season of management of the dressing room and sacrificing the club's characteristic style to put all the eggs in the Champions League basket. A season that was said actively and passively that what happened in Rome was a lesson learned and could not be repeated again. Not only has it been repeated, it has got worse. Because at least in Rome there was the mitigating of physical tiredness. In Liverpool, the eleven had rested the weekend, while the network They had given everything to win a key game in the Premier.

Nothing is saved Nothing. At the most, Ter Stegen, despite four goals against, never stopped believing. The team only reacted seriously with 4-0. But neither was he able to kick into the goal area. Barça were not even presented to Anfield. He was not able to react to the goals against him and was left behind – yes, he was overcome – against a rival to which, by dessert, he lacked three players of reference: Salah, Firmino and Keita.

Touch to ask for explanations. How does Valverde repeat eleven in the first leg when Barça, at the Camp Nou, was overtaken until he made the change to place Semedo by side and Sergi Roberto in the middle? How is it still trusting in Coutinho? How do you make changes only when everything is lost? Why do you stand for players that only run and not for those who keep the ball?

Barça were eliminated because they did not compete on the way back. And a professional team can not be eliminated for this reason. Never life


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