The unclear future of Mesut Özil with Arsenal in Europa League

WIf it comes to Mesut Özil, then he will "definitely" in the next season for Arsenal play. "I still have a contract for two more years," he said in a rare interview last week to British broadcaster Sky Sports. It is not only up to him, but also at the Llub, emphasized the former German international. For a long time, the former midfielder and top earner Gunners in London is controversial.

This Thursday (21.00 clock in the F.A.Z. Liveticker for Europa League and DAZN) Ozil wants to move into the Europa League final with Arsenal. With a triumph in the final of Baku on May 29, another messed-up season in London could at least come to a somewhat conciliatory end – not only with a trophy, but above all with a starting place in the Champions League, the Arsenal in the Premier League already for missed the third time in a row.

If he was still happy with Arsenal, the Sky Sports reporter wanted to know. "Yes, why not?" Özil answered, laughing a little embarrassed. The 30-year-old would certainly have reasons to be unhappy – for example, because he no longer enjoys under Arsenal coach Unai Emery the unrestricted, unconditional trust that his predecessor Arsène Wenger brought him.

What is the relationship with coach Emery?

This season Özil played only 24 of 37 Premier League games, only 20 times he was in the starting eleven. Sometimes he had to take a break due to an injury, sometimes Emery did not appoint him to the squad. The coach said after a defeat at West Ham United in January that he had "selected the players that I thought were the most suitable for this match." British media speculated again and again about a broken relationship between Özil and the Spaniard.

Ozil had wanted to start again under the coach – after the so disastrous summer of 2018. Almost exactly a year ago, the then national player caused a stir together with his DFB team-mate Ilkay Gündogan. Before the World Cup, both posed for photos with the Turkish president on May 14th Recep Tayyip Erdogan and presented the head of state jerseys of their clubs. Erdogan used the pictures shortly before the presidential elections as a campaign aid.

One day before the nomination of the German World Cup squad, the pictures triggered nationwide outrage. Politicians and media criticized the Turkish-born professionals. Green politician Cem Özdemir said: "That does not work." The now resigned DFB President Reinhard Grindel accused Özil and Gündogan, they had "abused" for a campaign maneuver.

While Gundogan soon stressed that he had no intention of taking a political stand, Özil remained silent. During, but especially after the catastrophic World Cup in Russia, in which the DFB-Elf retired after the preliminary round, the topic came up again. Especially Özil had to endure some overhasty criticism after the World Cup failure. Grindel demanded a public statement – and got it. On July 22, Özil announced via social media his resignation from the national team. He attacked Grindel, the DFB and the German media and lamented "racism and lack of respect".

Invitation to the wedding: According to the Turkish presidential office Mesut Özil (center) and Amine Gulse here Recep Tayyip Erdogan a corresponding card.

The photos with Erdogan defended Özil but. He would do it again anytime. And did just that. In March, the Arsenal professional and his fiancée Amine Gulse met the president in Istanbul. A photo provided by the Erdogan party AKP showed the couple how they allegedly presented the president with an invitation card for the planned wedding. Özil consultant Erkut Sögüt did not want to comment on demand.

His private fortune was found by Mesut Özil. His sporting future, however, is open in spite of all loyalty announcements to Arsenal. British media speculated in the winter about a premature farewell. With a good performance at Valencia and a strong showing in a potential final, the former international could make a bit of publicity for a future with the Gunners or another club.

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