Sport The specialists analyze the blockade of the Barça in...

The specialists analyze the blockade of the Barça in Liverpool


I was one of those who spoke in the locker room, but when in Leverkusen I encouraged my companions, I saw their lost looks and they did not respond to my words. I understood that we were absent. " So remember Joan Golobart the second leg of the end of the
UEFA in which EspanyoHe lost three goals in the field of Bayer. The episode has similarities with what happened to the Barça in Liverpool and a year ago in Rome.

"You are a goal away but you get the fear because you have not been able to make your football, they have taken you to the English game and they have passed over you. And there's half an hour left … in his field, "he says. Eduardo Torres, sports psychologist, collaborator in Doctoralia. "There is talk that at this level you have to be mentally gifted … but the one that plays against you is also mentally gifted," says Torres. The vanguard.

The vision of Golobart

"When the expectation is so great and football denies it, you become 20% of the player you are"

For Xesco Espar, who has specialized in coaching after leading Barcelona in handball – he won the 2005 European Cup -, one possible explanation would be the deceptive result of the first leg, which enraged Liverpool. "Jürgen Klopp and his players started playing the second leg right after losing the first leg. While those of Barcelona, ​​where many had a party the previous weekend, began preparing the game one or two days before Anfield. And that is evident in having in the head the situations that could be given, "he says, like in the 4-0 corner.

"That lack of concentration tells you that the team is touched. Of course there is mischief of the players of Liverpool and the ballboy but when you are competing under such great emotional pressure you have to pay attention to all the details, the famous details ", relates Dr. Torres. "When you see that an illusion escapes you generate doubts," Espar admits to this newspaper. "There is nothing worse in a tie than to think: How is that possible? What are we failing? Is it happening again? When the level of expectation is so great and the sport is denying it, you become 20% of the footballer you are, "reflects Golobart.

The trip of Rakitic

"The first thing is to disconnect and you never have to fall into the simulated mourning, to feel what you do not feel," says Torres

"You have to stop thinking about the playoffs as two games and consider them as 180 minutes," advises Espar. "When he was preparing a tie in which he played the first game at home, he told the players that it was the first part and the second was left. While if the going was home, it made them aware that everything was decided in that game, "use the calendar for your benefit.

For Barça, Liverpool reopens the wound that had not healed from Rome, or even from Turin and Paris. "The metaphor of the lesson learned is not valid. We are not in a school test that you study and answer. The lesson is that defeat is part of competing at the highest level. You can lose because the opponent does it well and annuls you, "adds Torres. "I hope you leave the experience and not a trauma. It is the second warning that things can not be taken for granted, "concludes Espar.

But the problem, or the good news, is that the Barcelona season did not end with the Anfield debacle. The Blaugrana will not be in the final of the Champions League in the Metropolitan but they have the possibility of winning one more title: the Copa del Rey. "Once the possibility of reaching the great goal of the year has gone away, there is a lot of emotional difference between winning it or not winning it. You finish the season well, you spend a better summer and it helps you to increase your self-confidence ", lists the benefits Espar. "Not to mention that there are players who then have to play the Copa América and they will arrive with morale."

Secondly, if the triplet was the license plate of honor, "winning a double is excellent," notes Espar. "You can always say that you've been to a game, a goal or an overshoot of a triplet corner," he reasons. The third argument to raise the costumes is that the final can reconcile the team with part of the fans. "If the players hurt to have failed the 3,000 fans who were at Anfield, at Villamarín there will be many more." And finally, Espar considers that a champion team has to fight everything.

Torres sets the example of last year's final against Sevilla, eleven days after Rome. "First you have to go through mourning. Each one needs a time and you should never fall into simulated mourning, pretending that you feel what you do not feel. " And applaud Rakitic's trip. "Good for him. The important thing is to disconnect. " Then you have to re-plug. "It will have been 18 days. One motivation is that Madrid is not this time in the Champions League final and that if you do the double, nobody will overshadow you. And sure that Valencia would prefer a Barca thinking of the Champions League that a Barça injured ", sentenced Torres to revitalize the Cup.


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