Sport The loneliness of Lionel Messi (Toni Padilla)

The loneliness of Lionel Messi (Toni Padilla)


With his arms on his waist and his lost look, just as he had been so often dressed in the Argentine shirt, as he left Anfield. Lionel Messi was in the middle of the field, sad, disappointed, until an employee of the Federation was looking for him, as he was called to go to the box to receive the prize for the runner-up at the hands of the King. Everything, a few meters from Dani Parejo, who was looking forward to hoping to raise a Cup that Valencia had been waiting for for years. Messi, on the other hand, has raised so many Cups, which in the Betis stadium became the first soccer player in history to score in six different finals. Becoming a collector of titles, Messi did not raise the cup of the league champions, but Barça did not have time to think about the past. And Messi will go to America remembering that he has lost two opportunities to win more titles, first in Liverpool and then in Seville.

Without Luis Suárez and Boateng, injured, Valverde did not choose to include the young striker Abel Ruiz, and left Barça without a clear center striker. During the first half, the team seemed to control the game, with Rakitic, at times, entering from the second line to occupy the space where the Uruguayan player usually moves. In the second half, on the other hand, this paper was made between Arturo Vidal and Gerard Piqué, leaving the soul in the rival area. And everything to allow Messi to have holes to kick, to create more danger.

The Copa final was frustrating for Messi, who, despite playing with many close friends, found himself alone. The Argentinian was the second player who hit the ball more times, but only managed to score by taking advantage of a rejection after a corner. In the second half, however, Messi had already led the reaction with a shot in the crossbar and more interventions. He demonstrated his ability to rebel, not to accept a defeat that would force the Barça sports leadership to rethink who accompanies him in attack. Coutinho, the most expensive player in history, has not been able to find his place, Dembele is in chains of injury and Valverde does not give minutes to the front youngsters. The transfer of Boateng is one of the most incomprehensible pages of the recent Barça sports management. Some midfielders notice the passage of time. A complicated context that will force us to rethink a template that at one point leaves Messi alone. Or the opposite, he looks for it too much. Messi was the player who received the most pass from his teammates, who, whenever they notice that the situation is complicated, seek him, hoping he will be able to perform miracles. But in a night when Barça had a heart, but no ideas, a new opportunity escaped to give the Argentinian a new title.

Messi will go sad to the selection, where he returns after months without playing, fearing to revive in the Copa America, a feeling that never before felt Barça. That of feeling alone.



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