Sport The fall of Landa, the victory of Carapaz and...

The fall of Landa, the victory of Carapaz and the misfortune of Dumoulin


A Frascati, two steps from Rome, you come up a difficult hill to qualify. Not so hard as to eliminate the sprinters, nor so long as to select the candidates for the podium. And that doubt shared by the squad generated tension. All were seen with options. And all do not fit. Six kilometers from the end, elbowed by placing, an Ineos cyclist looked back and, unintentionally, started a domino of falls. He threw Dumoulin, who was going to leave four minutes and one knee. Chaos broke out. Then it was Simon Yates who pulled the mower in a curve and unbalanced Mikel Landa, again on the floor. The Alava, who was well placed, gave up because of the British 44 seconds. Dripping losses He entered Frascati bellowing against Yates. In the goal, at least, received the consolation of the victory of his teammate Richard Carapaz, Ecuadorian, best young in the past Giro and the most accurate and brave in the deceptive slope that climbs to Frascati. The fourth stage was not for sprinters or for the favorites, but for Carapaz.

And the Giro, at least for now, is leaning towards Primoz Roglic, reinforced leader. He dodged all the blows. The rivals fall alone. Simon Yates, Lopez, Nibali and Hart lost in Frascati 16 seconds. Of the Party, 25. Pello Bilbao, 34. Landa, 42. And Dumoulin, suffering and with his left knee blood gushing, four minutes and maybe the Giro. In general, Roglic looks at Yates 35 seconds above. Nibali is at 39. Lopez, at 44. And Landa, at 1.49, a lot for so little travel made. Roglic's opponents are only encouraged that the Slovenian had no repris to dispute Carapaz, Ewan, Ulissi and Ackermann the sprint in Frascati slope. He moved, but, almost immediately, he touched the ceiling. Could not. Frascati did much more damage than expected. It is a hill with a lot of blood in its history.

Some of the tourists who fill Rome have time to shop around Frascati, fresher than the capital and full of well-preserved villas. The patricians and cardinals always liked this hill from which you can see Rome. There the Belgian Stan Ockers won the World Cup in 1955. Eddy Merckx, who was then ten years old, grew up admiring him. And more when Ockers he became a legend when he killed himself the following season at the Six Days of Antwerp velodrome. In this fourth stage of the Giro, the one that perished was the flight, as long as impossible, of three Italians who are here for that. Let them see you. Frapporti, Cima and Maestri.

Each one with his jersey full of advertising. This is how the second transalpine teams are. Survivors Nothing to see, for example, with the Ineos, which has archived the blue of the Sky in mid-season and already looks dark red. That color squeezed the alarm switch. There were only 6 kilometers left for the finish line. A descent and the final climb. And there, when Movistar set the pace to place Landa and Carapaz, that Ineos dorsal turned. Ciego, touched the wheel of the cyclist who preceded him. He made the sharpener. Drop. Barely a score drew it. Dumoulin hit the ground with his left knee. He got on the bike, but he was not going. Pushed by his gregarious as Luis Ocaña in the Ballon de Alsace, he surrendered. He carried a deadly thrust on the hinge, red with blood.

The entrance to Frascati was already crazy. In front, they barely resisted eight. Roglic, Carapaz and half a dozen sprinters. A curve of distance traced Nibali, Landa, Lopez and Yates, who entered a turn with the blindfold. Landa was fired. The bad luck returned to aim his dorsal, the number one of the Giro. In front ran the other side of his team, Carapaz. Calculated He was the only pure climber. I could not wait at the end. «My distance was in the 600 meters. There I had to start, "he said. Soon. Did. The others, as always in Frascati, doubted. They thought he had rushed. Roglic had no legs. Ulissi's lungs failed. And Ewan, who came closest to the Ecuadorian, lacked costs. He did not come back enough to hunt Carapaz. "I can not believe it! On Monday I lost 43 seconds and now I win, "said the happy Ecuadorian.


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